Terry Crews files suit against Adam Venit for alleged sexual assault – Variety

Terry Crews has filed a sexual assault lawsuit against WME agent Adam Venit in connection with Crews' claim that Venit sought him out at a Hollywood party in February 2016.

News of the lawsuit comes in A little over a week after Venit returned to work at WME after a brief suspension as the agency conducted an internal investigation of Crews' allegations. Crews was previously represented by WME, but fired the agency last month after it became public with its claims.

The lawsuit, first reported by TMZ and confirmed by Variety, repeats Creits's claim that Venit groped her genitals and also says that Venit introduced "his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively. " The lawsuit alleges that Crews alerted Adam Sandler, who was at the party and was represented by Venit, shouting: "Adam, come get your son! He's grabbing my nuts."

The lawsuit also says that Sandler called Crews as he was driving home from the party to see how he was doing. He adds that Crews told his WME agent about the alleged incident and met with WME president Ari Emanuel. The teams expressed fear of Venit's reprisals for reporting the incident, but Emanuel allegedly apologized for him and assured Crews that Venit "did not have that level of power despite his title as head of the Department of Movies."

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