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Terry Crews explains perfectly why people are still upset with Kevin Hart


Actor Terry Crews, who is close to Kevin Hart, has analyzed the comedian's defensive response to the controversy surrounding anti-LGBTQ tweets that Hart created in the past.

The star of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and host of "America's Got Talent: The Champions" visited BuzzFeed's Twitter program "AM to DM" on Thursday when the Hart issue came up.

Crews, 50, initially seemed empathetic to his friend, and noted that sometimes he himself can be defensive when his wife accuses him of having committed a crime.

"Then, suddenly, it can get hard," Crews said. "But the hard part is when you lower the defenses and say:" Wait a minute, I'm not listening ".

The teams then realized why many people are frustrated with Hart's behavior.

"He feels he's being attacked," Crews said. "But the truth is that he is not."

"The truth is, Kevin, you're not being attacked," he continued. "The truth is that you just have to recognize what happened and recognize the pain of other people. That's all someone is asking. That's."

Terry Crews and Kevin Hart at the 2005 BET Comedy Awards & rsquo; Red carpet.

L. Cohen through Getty Images

Terry Crews and Kevin Hart on the red carpet of the 2005 BET Comedy Awards.

Last month, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences named Hart the host of this year's Oscar, and shortly thereafter the homophobic tweets that the 39-year-old had made in the past reappeared. After a violent reaction and pressured by the academy, Hart reluctantly made an apology in an Instagram video that justifies himself.

"I will not keep coming back and taking advantage of the old days when I moved, and I'm in a completely different space in my life," Hart said. "I'm going to be me, I'm going to defend my position."

The next day, Hart resigned as host of the Oscars and apologized.

However, after constant questioning by the media during her promotional rounds for her new movie, "The Upside," and the counterattack pointed to him and Ellen DeGeneres after she told Hart that she forgave him for his tweets and campaigned for the academy to reinstate him as Oscar Host – Hart took pictures again this week.

On Wednesday, when asked to explain his apologies to the LGBTQ community on ABC's "Good Morning America," Hart criticized him, making his Twitter apology in December seem untrue.

"I'm done with that," Hart told the GMA host, Michael Strahan. "He does not get more energy from me … There's no more talk about it, I'm literally about that, I'm about the moment, and I'm about to go today."

He continued: "I have explained how I have evolved, what makes me say: & # 39; I have overcome it & # 39 ;. I do not say how I have changed … I will not give more explanations of who I am. … You will not hear me say anything more about that. "

Due to the controversy, this year's Academy Awards will air on February 24 without a host for the first time in 30 years.

However, despite everything that has happened, perhaps the best thing for Hart at this moment is to have a heart to heart with his friend Crews.

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