Terry Crew is another c ** n who was originally bought, “Rick Ross rapped to finish his first verse on his new single” Pinned to the Cross. “He’s referring to all the eyebrows raised by the actor in recent weeks. If you’re living under a rock, the crew” some black lives matter more than others “among many inflammatory comments , Claiming that Black Lives are offering some atrocities in relation to the Matter movement.

Following his resurgence of the racist slogan “C ** n” by making a brief appearance, the star was drawn by Rick Ross to the lyrics of his new song. A fan asked how he felt about being mentioned in the track, making him seem genuinely quite pleased.

“[I FEEL] FAMOUS, “he wrote on Twitter. Terry Crew doesn’t care too much, despite the fact that he is being blatantly disrespected on record.

In a recent interview with Hot 97, Rosé stated in her Terry Cruz bar, “When the dirt goes down, there’s no time to explain yourself. You’re either walking with us or running away from us Are. That’s all. Fuck the Terry Crew. “

Are you currently siding with Rick Ross or Terry Crew?