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Terrorist from New York City seeks an agreement to avoid the death penalty

  nyc truck attack halloween
work near a damaged Home Depot truck on Wednesday, November 1, 2017,
after a motorist drove a bike lane on Tuesday near the world
Memorial of the Shopping Center, hitting and killing several people, in

Photo / Andres Kudacki

  • The suspect of a truck attack in New York City is looking for a
    I would change a guilty plea to prosecutors
    guarantee that you will not face the death penalty.
  • Sayfullo Saipov faces 22 federal charges, including
    eight murder charges and one charge of supporting a terrorist
  • Saipov's defense team argued in a letter that a fast
    the plea agreement will spare families of victims the need to submit to
    a prolonged death penalty trial and subsequent appeals.

Sayfullo Saipov, the man accused of killing eight and wounding 11
when he drove a rented truck on a Manhattan bike route
last Halloween, is looking for an agreement with the prosecutor that would leave
imprisoned for life if prosecutors agree not to seek death

"The Government expresses its concern for the victims and the
the public need for closure in this case, but most
direct way to achieve closure would be for the
Government to accept a guilty plea and a life sentence
imprisonment without the possibility of parole, "an archived letter
to federal court on Wednesday by Saipov's defense attorneys, he said.

They argued in the letter that a plea agreement
the families of the victims the need to participate in the death penalty
trial and potentially undergo "years of appeal and other
litigation after the conviction as required by the Constitution in the
event of a death sentence. "

Saipov faces 22 federals
including eight counts of murder in the aid of
organized crime activity, 11 counts of attempted murder in the aid
of organized crime activity, a charge of providing support material
and resources for the terrorist group ISIS, and a charge of
violence and destruction of motor vehicles.

Each of these charges carries a maximum sentence of death
penalty, although it is unclear whether prosecutors will seek or
They will be susceptible to an agreement with the prosecutor.

Cases of terrorism that involve the death penalty are rare,
especially in New York, but some legal experts have expressed
that pressure from the Trump administration could
influence the decision of the prosecution.

 sayfullo saipov
undated photo provided by the St. Charles County Department of
Corrections in St. Charles, Missouri, through KMOV show Sayfullo

St. Charles County, Mo.
Department of Corrections / KMOV through Associated

The deadly attack began in the
the afternoon of October 31, when prosecutors say that Saipov led a
I rented the Home Depot truck in a busy Manhattan bike lane,
turning towards his victims and colliding with a school bus before
jumping and brandishing two weapons that were then determined
by the police to be false.

Saipov was arrested after being shot in the abdomen by a police officer
official shortly after the accident.

Saipov later admitted to the authorities that he had written a note found
near the crashed truck, which was written in Arabic and said:
Islamic state would last forever, according to a criminal

He said he was motivated to carry out the attack after
watching a video with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
asking what the Muslims did in the United States to answer the
murder of Muslims in Iraq.

Saipov also asked during his interview with the authorities if
could show the ISIS flag in their hospital room after the
attack. He told them that "he felt good about what he had done"
the complaint said.

Immediately after the October attack, the president
Donald Trump publicly and repeatedly demanded that Saipov be
sentenced to death.

"The New York terrorist was happy when he asked to hang the ISIS flag on his
hospital room. Killed 8 people, severely wounded 12. MUST OBTAIN
DEATH PENALTY! " Trump said in

Continued :
"I would love to send the terrorist from New York to Guant√°namo, but
statistically, that process takes a lot more time than going through
the federal system … There is also something appropriate about
keeping him in the house of the horrible crime he committed.
I should move fast. DEATH PENALTY!"

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