Terence Crawford vs Kell Brook Full Action Video Highlights

Watch Terence Crawford vs. Kell Brook Full Fight video above their main event, courtesy of ESPN and Top Rank.

Crawford vs. Brooke took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 14. Terence Crawford (37–0) defended his WBO welterweight title against KL Brook (39–3), which aired live on ESPN. Catch more video highlights below.

To learn more about Crawford vs. Brooke, check out the live blog from Bad Left Hook below.

round 1: Crawford comes out for the center ring and Brooke throws a faint. Crawford measures up with a pair of jabs and then moves side to side. Brooke misses on a jab but both fighters are hesitant to throw anything in the opening minute of the fight. Crawford Jabs to the body. Brooke misses a job. Brooke fights again and then sticks an upside. Straight right hand touches the body for Crawford but Brooke lands a counter jab just after that. To Body Land for Brook. Job lands up again for Brooke. Brook tries one or two but does not land. Job lands up again for Brooke. Crawford misses the right arm of the body. Brook sticks upward with a left hand and Crawford misses on a left hook. Land downstream to Brooke. I think Brooke takes the rounds with her work at the last minute of the round. Brook 10-9.

Second Round: The two fighters meet in the center ring and Brooke tries the body. Crawford fights and then misses a pair of punches. Brook remembers his counter attack. Now the brook fell on the ground directly overhead. Brooke has had good success with her job. Crawford starts walking a little more later now Brook tries the right hand side of the body. Both fighters traded jabs this time. Crawford tries to get into the body with an uppercase but it does not land well. Counter right score for Crawford. Uppercase comes from Brooke which makes grazing contacts. Crawford gets southeastern for the first time in the fight and tries to jab but encounters Brook. I am going to give this round in the brook as well. Brooke 20–18.

Round 3: Brooke comes to the center ring and jockey for the position with Crawford. Crawford grounded a left arm. Now Crawford makes a lead jab partly from the southwestern stance. Crawford Brook steps in and lands a jab. Two body shots come from Crawford, then a couple upwards. Head to Brooke’s right hand land. True perfect land for Brooke to body. The right hand lead again comes from Brooke. Crawford rarely has two punch. Right Hand Lead Land Again for Brooke. Right Hook lands for Crawford at this time. Crawford throws a perfect hook to the body to end the round. Crawford 10-9.

Round 4: Crawford clawed with a jab from a southeastern stance, and then Brooke moved forward in search of a right-handed opportunity. Jab land is a land in turn for Brook as Crawford. Hard shot from Crawford hits Brooke back in the ropes and Brooke stumbles badly! It’s a knockdown and Brooke’s face hurt! Crawford comes forward and gives Brooke some more hard shots and Brooke is done! Crawford TKO-4!

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