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Terence Crawford dominates Jeff Horn in a one-sided beating

LAS VEGAS – Three things were evident on Saturday for the destruction of Jeff Horn of Terence Crawford in his WBO welterweight title bout at the MGM Grand Garden.

Crawford is on a completely different level from most others in boxing. Only WBC lightweight champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. are in the same universe as Crawford in terms of talent and achievements.

Hornford's one-sided beating, which came to an end at 2:43 of the ninth round, when referee Robert Byrd intervened mercifully and stopped her, shows just how bad a shot Manny Pacquiao has. Horn won a decision over Pacquiao last year in Australia, and while it was a close blow that many Pacquiao fans moan should have gone his way, there is no doubt that it was life or death there. On the contrary, Crawford was dominant from the beginning to the vicious end and there was never any doubt about who was the best man.

The fight also showed Horn's incredible chin. He was taking clean, hard punches from Crawford, but particularly from the third round onwards. He went down to the end of the eighth after a combination, but otherwise he ate the blisters and kept trying until Byrd hugged him to save him from further damage.

There seems to be few more than Spence with whom Crawford can compete at welterweight on an equal footing. Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter are exceptional fighters and would give Crawford a battle, but Crawford just seems a cut above.

His footwork is magnificent and allows him to quickly enter the hitting range and then sneak away. He has a good head movement and is able to slide shots, and he is a precise puncher who sees the smallest openings and can exploit them. More than anything, however, he is a wise boxer who knows how to control the pace and rhythm of a fight in a way that legends such as Floyd Mayweather, Sugar Ray Leonard and some others could.

We're looking for something of all time great in manufacturing, a guy who may end up as one of the best of this era if he continues on the path he's following. There is nothing that he can not do and is improving in each exit.

He was breaking Horn, who was perceived as the biggest and strongest fighter that entered, and was never in danger.

"As I said before, I was the strongest guy," Crawford said. "I'm stronger than him, I just had to get in the ring and try it, you saw what I did there, I want all the welterweight champions now."

Crawford was so good that Dean Lonergan, Horn's promoter, said: "He's a future Hall of Famer."

Terence Crawford celebrates after defeating Jeff Horn, of Australia, in a welterweight title boxing match, Saturday, June 9, 2018, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo)

It was such a dominant victory and stress-free performance that allowed promoter Bob Arum to attack President Donald Trump at the post-fight press conference. After calling Trump "a traitor to this country," Arum turned his attention to Crawford and compared Crawford to the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard.

Leonard is one of the three best welterweights in history and one of the 10 best fighters of all time, for which great praise, although not totally out of place. Crawford needs to line up many more significant victories to be at Leonard's level, but it seems to be going in that direction.

"The biggest compliment I can give a wrestler at welterweight, or any of the mid-level weight divisions, is that it reminds me of Sugar Ray Leonard," Arum said. "For me, that's a great compliment, I thought Ray was the best and this man is equal to or superior to him."

Crawford is so masterful in the ring that he is two or three steps ahead of his opponents. Spence is a mbadive puncher, but Horn's coach, Glenn Rushton, said he would go with Crawford in a mythical clash between the two best welterweights.

"I think Terence Crawford is too good for Errol Spence Jr.," said Rushton, who added that he thinks Spence's most significant advantage over Crawford is power.

It's always easy to speak wonders about a fighter after getting an impressive victory. The real test of the big ones is consistency over time, winning the best over and over again.

That's the next test that will face Crawford, who said he wants to fight against all the elite welterweights in an attempt to unify the titles again. If he could do that, that would put him in a rare company.

"Unbelievable", the 2016 Olympic olympic of the United States Shakur Stevenson, who scored a knockout in the second round of Aelio Mesquita on the undercard, said of Crawford. "That was incredible".

In fact it was. He was the best wrestler in the world who faced an opponent of caliber champion hard and hard in only one way. Crawford led on all three cards, 80-72, and never looked threatened by Horn.

It's the best there is right now and the good news for boxing fans is that he seems to be getting better and better. The best is yet to come.

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