TENSET is a box office owner for a short time


Photo: Melinda Hsu Gordon

Over the weekend while Mulan Struggled to justify its existence in the Chinese marketA report came out Warner Bros. is getting a little cageous How much does christopher nolan have theory American was (or was not) making at the box office. Apparently, the studio has decided to break from tradition by not sharing daily earnings for the film with the concern that the number will be misconstrued by the media and worse than they actually are by its competitors Huh. In other words, Warner Bros. does not want anyone to think that it is a very expensive film Insisted It is not doing so well when it was released in theaters during a global pandemic, as this film was released during a global pandemic, so it would obviously not be super good. Which … yes, obviously.

Warner Bros. ‘ The plan is to keep theory In theaters for as long as possible, so instead of making a full haul in a couple of weeks like a normal movie, it would consistently make the least amount of money every week for months as more and more theaters reopened across the country Huh. It’s not really a terrible plan, even if it hinges on people Going to the movie theater at a time when they shouldn’t, Because it wisely takes advantage of the fact that there is not a whole place to see in theaters right now. That (finally) brings us to the box office numbers this weekend, who get it – as if it looks like a hell Last week’s numbers.

theoryIs on top, then The new mutants, after unhinged, With those receiving $ 6.7 million, $ 2 million, and $ 1.5 million (respectively). Followed by the only newcomer this week, produced by Selena Gomez Broken heart gallery, Which pulled in $ 855,000. The rest of the contenders also did not crack the $ 300,000, but they include Bill and Ted Face the Music, Words on bathroom walls, Personal History of David Copperfield, And SpongeBob Movie: SpongeBob on the Run. This is a big dip from last week overall, when theory Made $ 20 million, but it is a Warner Bros. “slow and steady” plan. Nobody is going to make real big money, but at least theory The biggest money is technically. That’s what matters (for Warner Bros.).

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