Tennessee Prepares to Offer COVID-19 Vaccines to Adults 65+, Teachers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – Tennessee is preparing to move to the next phase of its COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan by the end of the month.

The Tennessee Department of Health said those in phase 1b, which includes teachers, child care workers and people 65 and older, can begin registering for a vaccination appointment on February 22.

Individual counties are moving at different rates, but the state is preparing to move to the next phase of the distribution plan. Last week, the Metro Department of Public Health announced that it is ready to schedule appointments for teachers and residents age 70 and older to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Due to the supply, Tennesseans should check with their local health department to see what stage the county is in for vaccine distribution.

“Tennessee has administered more than one million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine so far, and we have made substantial progress in protecting our people age 70 and older through vaccination,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey. from Tennessee. By staying focused on our older adults, who are the highest-risk population, we can expand vaccine eligibility to these additional groups as our supply continues to grow each week. “

The health department launched an online scheduling tool for those wishing to make an appointment. Click here for more information.

TDH also announced changes to its vaccination plan. The department is adding pregnant women to the phase 1c group. TDH said that although pregnant women were not included in the COVID-19 vaccine trials, they are at increased risk of hospitalization and possible death from COVID-19. These women are encouraged to speak with their healthcare providers to help make informed decisions about the vaccine.


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