Tennessee Governor: ‘One thing this vaccine won’t solve or cure is selfishness’

While vaccine authority is a turning point in the epidemic, the reality is that Tennesians are getting sick, Lee told reporters on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the state saw 11,410 new cases, a new record since the onset of the epidemic.
Lee said that people on Thanksgiving leave face serious reality over hospital arrangements across the state.

“One thing this vaccine won’t solve, or cure is the selfishness or apathy that’s happening to our neighbors around us,” he said.

Lee also said that how we gather is not a cure for silly decisions, or that someone has refused to wear a mask and that it will not fix the idea that someone else’s decision will lead to another person’s life. Will not be affected.

Tennessee is expecting 56,550 doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine to deliver to their hospitals.

Earlier this week, the Department of Health announced that Pfizer would hold the first batch of 975 doses of the vaccine as an emergency backup in the event that the hospital supply went bad.


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