‘Tenet’ Approved for Theatrical Release in China

“Tenet” announced on Wednesday that it had given government approval for a theatrical release in China, a sign that an official release date is now on the horizon.

The film has released a poster in Chinese, swapping the English tagline “Time Run Out” for an apparent call to return to theaters that translates to making almost every other count; Invade theaters. “

Chinese theaters reopened in low-risk areas for COVID-19 on July 20, totaling $ 12.6 million in their opening weekend. Currently, about 4% of its cinema is back in business, but it is only necessary to operate at 30% capacity to allow for social equilibrium, while simultaneously reducing their total number to half their normal number. has gone.

With all, The reopening guidelines issued by the National Film Bureau say that cinemas do not show films that are longer than two hours – which could potentially cause problems for “tenets”, which two Lasts for hours and 31 minutes.

This directive was soon contradicted, however, after approval from several films of more than two hours for nationwide theatrical release by Chinese authorities. These include “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and Nolan’s own “Interstellar” – currently scheduled for a theatrical re-run. August 2 – As well as local blockbusters already in the game like “Operation Red Sea”.

Until the guideline is raised more formally, it appears that COVID-19 has given different types of levees to different levels of danger in different areas, or at least different types of its own. Designed to work out the neck and program longer films.

All eight films of “Harry Potter” run over two hours, but all of them are currently screened as part of the Shanghai International Film Festival.

So far, at least two theaters in Beijing in private chats posted on social media on Wednesday said that due to confusion, they did not currently approve the program, with titles available longer than 120 minutes – even That patriotic blockbuster “Wolf Warrior 2” also carries on. 123 minutes.

Elsewhere in China, however, the movie has already grossed $ 1.1 million on Monday before the film re-runs.

“Tetate” had to reschedule its release several times before COVID-19 Warner Bros. settled on an unconventional plan to debut it internationally before it hit North America this week.

It is now set to begin on August 26 in about 70 countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea and Russia. It will then premiere in select US cities on September 3, Labor Day weekend.

China is the most important and overseas market for “Tenset” director Christopher Nolan’s films.

The Chinese box office for almost every film that he has made as a director or executive producer has blown earnings from other regions by a large margin. The only exceptions are “Dunkirk” and “The Dark Knight Rises”, for which China was the second-largest market globally after Britain, and “Batman Begins”, which returned to the Middle Kingdom in 2005, when its box office hit Happened. Was still relatively newborn.

Of the Nolan-directed films, “Dunkirk” grossed $ 51 million in China in 2017, while “Interstellar” grossed $ 122 million in 2014. In 2012 “Dark Knight Rises” grossed $ 52.8 million and in 2010 “Inception” $ 68.4 million.

The executive of Nolan-produced films has also seen strong performances in the country. They include “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” with $ 96 million, “Justice League” with $ 106 million, “Transcendence” with $ 20 million, and “Man of Steel” with $ 63 million.

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