Tencent is working with Bluehole to bring PUBG to mobile devices in China


You'll have to live under a rock not to have heard of Battleunknown & # 39; s Battlegrounds at the moment. The PC sensation has seen broken Steam records as it set the world of video games on fire in recent months. If you do not know the Battle Royale genre, PUBG has dropped you on an island followed by all those who loot pistols and other objects before fighting to the death. We have written about several games that are like PUBG on mobile devices or some that just cheat it.

PUBG is debuting on Xbox One next month and the feeling of Bluehole will be to get a mobile device version in China as well. Tencent is publishing PUBG in China and we have just learned that they are also working with Bluehole on a mobile version.

The announcement also mentions that the development is progressing smoothly and that people will be able to experience the PC Sensation on the mobile. Keep in mind that this is only for mainland China and we do not know if it will happen globally at all. Read more (in Chinese) here.

It makes sense that both Tencent and Bluehole want this because there will always be clones trying to satiate the demand and it will be interesting to see how it develops when it actually launches. As it stands, there will be an official version of Battleunks of Playerunknown on the Chinese mobile of Tencent and Bluehole.

Thank you, Daniel Ahmad from Niko Partners.

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