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Temps fall while the snow threatens

Today: Drizzle likely. High: 47

Tonight: More rain likely. Low: 40

Tomorrow: Chance of rain and snow. High: 38

»For a detailed forecast, visit the Atlanta Journal-Constitution weather page.

Temperatures are falling in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and rain and snow are expected to start after midnight.

According to the latest forecasts, there is a 60 percent chance of occurring on Friday and the winter mix could continue during the afternoon. [19659011] "But the accumulations (will be less than) 1 inch because it will melt continuously" to contact, meteorologist Brad Nitz, of Channel 2 Action News, said Thursday morning.

The exceptions are grassy areas and surfaces high, according to meteorologist Karen Minton.

Any moisture left on the roads could freeze on Saturday morning with temperatures between 20 and 20 degrees Celsius, "he said.

The forecast is fluid, and there is no need to panic, according to the Channel 2.

"Do not go to the grocery store and clean all the bread and milk because you will not need it," Minton said.

Solo there is a 30 percent chance of precipitation on Thursday, and that is expected in the form of uneven rain.

"We should stay just above that freezing mark in most cases," Minton said.

Currently , the temperature is 42 degrees in Atlanta It is expected that the maximum hit 47.

Come on Friday, however, temperatures may not exceed 30, according to Channel 2.

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