Teens prevail at Barnesville to lick each other, covid surges at Ohio Homecoming Dance

At any other time, a picture of a teenager pretending to lick each other’s face will not make national headlines.

But November 7 Facebook later wears a kiss-emblematic of three glorious teenage girls crowning, smiling, and red roses blowing among the pubescent boys, emitting a frightening division among Americans in the midst of an epidemic.

On the same day 1,007 Americans died of the highly contagious virus that ravaged the country, with parents sending their children to Sash and Sequin in a massive indoor program.

And while parents planned a massive homecoming dance in Rolla, Missouri and McDonough, Georgia found those parties difficult after the events were reported by her daily The Beast on social media and by national news sites Was carried out.

In fact, parents across the country were doing the same thing.


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