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Teenager who fled with the trainer found safe in Syracuse


The Columbia County Sheriff's Office confirmed on Twitter on Friday that the missing teen who reportedly left Florida with a high school soccer coach has been found safe in New York .

Caitlyn Frisina, 17, was discovered in Syracuse with Rian Rodriguez, 27, said ABC 7 NY. The sheriff's office told the store that an agent stopped a car and found the couple inside.

According to reports, the authorities alerted the girl's family and arrested him.

The teen's search has been ongoing since Saturday he was last seen at his parents' house before joining Rodriguez, the coach of the men's soccer team at Fort White High School, which Frisina attends.

Deputies said that the window of the girl's room was left open and her prints were found outside the property. Your phone was also deleted from all information. Frisina's parents notified the police after realizing that she had left.

Until Thursday, police believed the couple was heading northeast after they were seen at gas stations in Georgia and South Carolina. They were last seen Sunday at a pawnshop in Fayetteville, North Carolina

After conducting interviews, the researchers found reason to believe that there was "a possible relationship flourishing" between Frisina and Rodriguez, Murray Smith, The public relations officer for the Columbia County Sheriff's Office stated.

Frisina's father said there was no indication that his daughter suddenly left with Rodriguez, who was a friend of the family.

"Caitlyn has a current boyfriend who is also out of his mind because everything was fine," Smith said.

The School District of Columbia County had said in a statement that it was working in conjunction with the sheriff's office and that Rodriguez had been suspended pending the investigation in progress.

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