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Teen victim sent cryptic message before walk

Ten Israeli teenagers were killed on Thursday in a flash flood in Nahal Tzafit, which is usually extremely dry in the south of the country. The victims belonged to a group of around 25 young students, who were members of a preparatory program prior to the army.

The group was walking near the Tzafit stream, near the Dead Sea, when the flood broke out. Late on Thursday, police arrested the director of Bnei Tzion's pre-military academy and an instructor suspected of negligent homicide. The institution based in Tel Aviv had organized the walk that resulted in the death of the 10 students, while another 15 were rescued, of which two suffered from hypothermia.

One of the teenagers who died in the flash flood said friends, a day earlier, she was worried about her safety during the walk, reported Israel Television News Company. In messages sent to her friends on WhatsApp, the girl wrote: "I can not believe I actually go hiking in a climate like this, it does not make sense to go to a place that is completely flooded, it's a tempting destination." die, I mean it. "

To this, a member of the WhatsApp group, who was not on the trip, replied:" It's very strange that you were taken out in this way, sorry. "

Another replied:" Haha, do not exaggerate. I am sure they are sensible and will definitely take you to other places. And you will sleep in a closed space. "

So far, the police have identified nine victims as: Ella Or, from the settlement of Ma'er Adumim, Gali Belali, from the central city of Givatayim, Agam Levi, from Moshav Herut in the center of Israel, Shani Samir, from the central city of Shoham, Adi Ra & # 39; anan, from the coastal community of Mikhmoret, Yael Sadan and Maayan Barhum from Jerusalem, Romi Cohen from Moshav Maor in the north and Tzur Alfi, from the central city of Mazekeret Batya.

The tenth victim, who was missing, was pronounced dead after her body was found Thursday night.