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Teen Mom: Cheyenne Floyd's daughter has a genetic disorder

Teenage motherCheyenne Floyd talks about her daughter's health problems.

In a preview of Monday's episode of Teenager mom og, Floyd remembers learning about the genetic disorder of his daughter Ryder, 1 year old.

"Ryder was born with a rare genetic disease called VLCAD," he explains as he talks to his cousin. "She can not process fatty foods."

Floyd, 25, says Ryder was diagnosed with a very long chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency just two days after bringing it home from the hospital.

"When he was born, he had to eat every two hours," he says. "She has to take medication in the morning and at night. Since it is genetic, it is something that it will always have ".

Although Ryder is growing and strengthening, Floyd says he is constantly afraid that something with his health may change.

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"It's scary to hear that she can go into shock," she says. "It's scary to hear that she can go into a coma. The fact that it's realistic scares me."

Floyd shares Ryder with his star MTV star Cory Wharton. Although Floyd, who originally appeared on MTV You are the chosen one? Season 3, openly documented her pregnancy on social networks, did not reveal who the father was until Ryder was 7 months old.

They later revealed that they conceived Ryder during a one-night stand while filming The challenge: rivals III meeting.

Wharton has been known to be a player on the long-running MTV show, connecting with several women in the series.

After Rivals III, Wharton has appeared in the following seasons. Invasion, Dirty 30Y Champions vs. Stars Y Vendettas

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