Ted Cruz under fire for ‘photographs’ in Houston after controversial trip to Mexico

AOC and Democratic leaders volunteered in the state at the same time.

Just days after being criticized for making a controversial trip to Mexico while millions of Texans suffered freezing temperatures amid water and power outages, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was criticized for posting photos of himself helping with the efforts. aid at the same time his more prominent opponents came to the state to offer help.

Cruz visited some sites in the Houston area on Saturday and Sunday, deliver bottled water to residents and provide food to the lifeguards. The social media posts, showing the senator wearing a Texas flag mask, were met with thousands of responses and tweets criticizing Cruz for what many called a “photo shoot” to counter the bad press he received for make your trip.

“My constituents forced me to interrupt my vacation to Cancun and all I got was to be embarrassed to bring their water,” said actress Patricia Arquette. tweeted in a reply to Cruz.

Cruz took a trip to Cancun with his family on Wednesday while many parts of the state were still without electricity, water and other supplies. He was photographed and videotaped by passengers at the airport and on the plane and those images sparked a barrage of criticism and beatings.

Cruz was scheduled to return Saturday, but flew back to Texas Thursday after the backlash. The senator’s office released a statement stating that the trip was for his two daughters, Caroline and Catherine, and their friends. He later told reporters that he had thought better of it and, in hindsight, “would not have.”

Abhi Rahman, a spokesman for the Texas Democrats, said in a statement to ABC News that Cruz’s actions this weekend would not diminish the senator’s misguided vacation.

“Ted Cruz showed the whole world who he is when he left Texas during our greatest time of need. No amount of complacency is going to change that,” he said in a statement.

Cruz’s representatives did not immediately return messages to ABC News to comment on his activities this weekend. He returned to Washington DC on Monday for the Senate hearings.

Critics were key to highlighting that Cruz’s posts on social media and charity actions took place at the same time that U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., one of Cruz’s strongest critics, flew to Texas to assist with relief efforts.

The New York Congresswoman teamed up with Texas Congressmen Sylvia Garcia, Penny Morales Shaw and Shelia Jackson Lee to help the Houston Food Bank and raised more than $ 5 million to help families affected by the storm.

Democratic congresswomen also helped distribute food and water and spoke with families affected by the storm.

“Charity cannot replace politics, but solidarity is how we will tackle climate change and build a better world”, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

In a statement to ABC News, the Houston Food Bank said that between February 17 and 21, it distributed 1,000 emergency pallets containing food, water and products that cannot be stored on the shelf. The nonprofit organization praised the congresswomen for their efforts and outreach.

“Your efforts to broaden awareness of the need here in Southeast Texas have been helpful,” the Houston Food Bank said in a statement.

Rahman said Texas Democrats are also grateful for Ocasio-Cortez’s help.

“Texas will not forget who was there for us during our greatest time of need and we will hold those who were not accountable,” he said in a statement.


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