Ted Cruz says Heidi is ‘pretty mad’ about leaked text messages in Cancun

Heidi Cruz is “angry” that texts showing her neighborhood friends inviting the family outing to Cancun for the deaf leaked to the press, according to Senator Ted Cruz, who called those responsible “morons.”

The Texas Republican addressed his public relations nightmare of a trip to Mexico on the “Ruthless” podcast, which aired Tuesday.

“I’ll say Heidi is pretty mad about that,” Cruz said of the group’s text message where her better half asked her friends to flee to Cancun with them amid “FREEZE” temperatures.

Cruz noted that he has a mix of Republican and Democratic neighbors in his exclusive River Oaks neighborhood in Houston, and said the leak was a sign of “how ridiculously politicized and disgusting” people can get.

“Here’s a suggestion: just don’t be an idiot,” he continued. “Like, just, you know, treating each other like human beings have some degree, a modicum of respect.”

Cruz has been controlling the damage after he was caught flying to Cancun with his wife and two daughters on Wednesday, days after Texas was paralyzed by a once-in-a-lifetime winter storm.

The senator was forced to shorten his trip, fly home the next day and apologize.

Cruz came under intense scrutiny over the optics of the mini-vacations and for leaving the family dog, Snowflake, at home alone without electricity or heat.

“Apparently, I fed the Snowflake wolves,” Cruz said, shaking off the reaction. “I was at home with a dog sitter. The heat had rekindled. The whole thing is a bit absurd. “

The leaked text messages that Heidi Cruz allegedly sent to a group of friends inviting them to Cancun
The leaked text messages that Heidi Cruz allegedly sent to a group of friends inviting them to Cancun
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He also criticized the media for publishing snapshots of Heidi in a bikini on the beach.

“I’ll tell you she’s mad,” he joked.

At the beginning of his podcast interview, Cruz made a joke that he is the infamous Zodiac Killer, who terrorized the Golden State decades ago.

“Look, I haven’t had as much negative press coverage since Northern California in the 1960s,” he snapped.


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