Techland reveals the Dying Light expansion: Bad Blood PvP


You're already dead

Techland announced today that Dying Light will receive a new PvP expansion. Titled Dying Light: Bad Blood the new mode will be inspired by the type of game "battle royale" that has become fashionable lately. The DLC is expected to be released sometime next year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The main turn for Bad Blood is that it will not have 100 players, but rather with six. You will be thrown into an infected area and you will have to collect blood samples from the zombies while also looking for weapons, ammunition and health and defend against other players. I guess you can not win if you do not escape, so being the last man standing will not be enough.

Tymon Smektala, Techland producer, says: "Our goal is to satisfy the demands of competitive PvP players." gameplay and to explore new directions for Dying Light & # 39; s multiplayer experience. Since Bad Blood was inspired by fans' requests, we want player comments to be an integral part of our development. "As such, a global PC game trial will soon be launched. Now on the official website for the opportunity to test it, the expansion will be independent once it has been fully released, so if you have no interest in the main game, you will not need to buy it.

Techland announces Dying light: Bad blood PvP expansion due in 2018 [WCCFTech]

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