Teams are now trying to improve the winning proposal for Bradley Beal

James Harden and Junior Holiday traded and now on a Supermax extension Giannis Antetoconpo, Bradley Beal is the NBA’s biggest star who could hit the market in the near future given the Washington Wizards’ continued hiatus. Beal could become a free agent after season 21–22, which may prompt the Wizards to trade.

“This is what everyone in the league is talking about,” Brian Windhorst said on his podcast. “There are officers … I’m telling you this, I talk to them … Those who are talking about this step can go into this business deadline, or they can take such steps Those who can now potentially establish themselves offer another better Bradley Beal when they are in that moment. Whether it is in March or in August.

“A lot of people are watching it, even if it is to my knowledge, has not made any request for anything.”

The Wizards have a 3–11 record in the season, but Beall has a positive plus / minus of the minutes he has played. Beal also leads the NBA in scoring with 35.4 points per game.


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