Teachers have died of coronovirus in at least five states since the fall semester began

Since the fall semester began, teachers have died in at least five states since COVID-19, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

At least six teachers in Iowa, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma and South Carolina have died in early August as students return for the school year. It is unknown whether these teachers became infected at school, but many attempted to quarantine to avoid infecting other students and teachers.

Special education teacher AshLee DeMarinis died on Sunday for John Evans Middle School in Potosi showing symptoms four days after school started, after the 34-year-old, who suffered from asthma, spent three weeks on a ventilator in the hospital, the Post reported.

In Columbia, SC, third grade teacher Demetria “Demi” Bannister of Windsor Elementary School died this week after suffering complications from COVID-19, According to the newspaper The State. 53-year-old Tom Slade, a high school history teacher who worked at Wankleave High School in Mississippi, died Sunday due to coronavirus, Biloxi Sun Herald reported.

42-year-old assistant high school football coach Nakoma James also died of the virus. He was a teacher at Lafayette Middle School, Mississippi Today reported.

Oresa Horn, a 62-year-old special education teacher who teaches at the Tehlequa Public Schools in Oklahoma, died of a heart attack after testing positive for Kovid-19, ABC Affiliate KTUL. The school district virtually conducted classes For two days after her death, and since then, at least 11 identified coronovirus cases were announced and instructed to quarantine dozens.

Another special education teacher died a week before virtual classes began in Des Moines, Iowa. According to the Des Moines Register.

The death of these teachers has reopened to a hybrid program after closing in spring from individual classes, virtual classrooms or coronovirus epidemics that have come to many schools across the country.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, many schools have left schools to balance education with security to send students home or to quarantine.


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