Teacher’s death bothers more than COVID

– At least six American teachers have died of coronovirus complications since the beginning of the school year as the Daily Beast “an ominous sign of what’s to come as students return to classrooms across the country.” However, there is no clear evidence as to whether the teachers picked up the virus at school Washington Post. A 28-year-old Demetria Bannister, SC, third-grade teacher at Windsor Elementary School in Columbia, last visited the school on August 28 in preparation for online classes beginning on August 28. They were detected COVID-19 on Friday and Friday. Per CNN died on Monday. Another young teacher died in Missouri on Sunday after three weeks on a ventilator. Ashley Demarinis, 34, gave social skills and special education at Potosi’s John Evans Middle School. She would read the AP report a few weeks before classes started.

Teresa Horn, 62, who had a special education at Tahlequah High School in Oklahoma, became ill on August 20 and died about a week later, according to Kettle. The local school district has since reported several COVID-19 cases Post. The death of another special education teacher in Des Moines in Iowa was confirmed last week. Unknown teacher “fell ill after traveling outside the state,” per Des moines register. Middle school basketball coach Nakoma James, 42, in Oxford, Miss., Died on August 6, according to the AP, before returning to school. Vancleave, Miss. A 52-year-old Tom Slade, a high school history teacher, later died after weeks of personal tutoring, but is believed to have contracted the virus in the church. Randy Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, has insisted that schools require proper precautions, such as masks, to open their doors. (Read more Coronavirus stories)