TCA Award winners include Watchman, Shit’s Creek and more


Photo: Hbo

Today, the Television Critics Association, along with HBO, announced the winners of their annual awards Janitor Winning the house with hands wins in every category, it was eligible to win the goods. Actually, this can be the only way more The award if it was a beloved game show host or a fantastic series from TV history, but it is not, so those awards went to Alex Trebek and the original Star trek Instead. Other non-Janitor Winners include Catherine O’Hara receiving personal achievement for Comedy Award Shit creek (The show excelled in comedy,) last Dance WIN for Outstanding Achievement in News and Information, HBO’s A black lady sketch show Outstanding Achievement in Sketch / Variety Show, and Netflix Cheer Achieving outstanding achievement in reality programming.

but Janitor The real star was, as noted above, Outstanding New Program, Outstanding Achievement in a Movie / Miniseries / Special and Program of the Year. In addition, Regina King achieved personal achievement in drama Janitor, Because there is no specific acting award for the miniseries and it was JanitorDay to win a bunch of prizes – although this Sunday is Emmis, and Janitor One can easily win a bunch of extra prizes there. The complete list of winners is below.

2020 TCA Award Winner
Personal achievement in drama: Regina King (Janitor, Hbo)
Personal achievement in comedy: Catherine O’Hara (Shit creek, Pop tv)
Outstanding Achievement in News and Information: last Dance (ESPN)
Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming: Cheer (Netflix)
Outstanding Achievement in Youth Program: Monali of danali (PBS Kids)
Outstanding Achievement in Sketch / Variety Show: A black lady sketch show (Hbo)
Outstanding new program: Janitor (Hbo)
Outstanding achievement in a movie, miniseries or special: Janitor (Hbo)
Outstanding achievement in drama: Succession (Hbo)
Outstanding achievement in comedy: Shit creek (Pop tv)
Program of the year: Janitor (Hbo)
Career achievement award: Alex Trebek
Heritage award: Star trek (CBS)