Taylor Swift’s massive debut and Grammy album of the year prospects

When Taylor Swift’s Stunning Album social litrature With the biggest week of the year for any album exploding at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, it not only did it without the benefit of any pre-release hype, but more than pure pop, a sonic left-turn While doing so. Alternative Soundscape.

On the latest pop shop podcast (listen below), the team discusses the feats done with Swift’s epic chart social litrature And its single “Cardigan”, and there is speculation as to whether the album would have achieved such great heights if it had been a surprise-free customary pop effort. Pop shoppers also chat about how social litrature It may have been brought to the Swift fold for new fans thanks to their collaboration with rock-rock acts such as Bone-Lever and The National’s Aaron Dazer.

And finally, could social litrature Factor in the album race of the year at the upcoming Grammy Awards? Ultimately, Swift was nominated three times, and won twice (for) fearless And 1989). However, his last two albums, the lover And Prestige, Did not cut. Might social litrature turn the tide?

In addition to all of Swift Chatter, the latest pop shop podcast episode features an interview with singer-songwriter Alessia Cara. Grammy Award-winner for Best New Artist joins the show to discuss her new charity album Is Summer: Live of the Floor, Why he is donating all of his proceeds from the project to Save the Children, and how the live album puts an “emotional” new twist on his songs.

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