Taylor Swift stars in the film The Great Great American Dynasty, starring Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Will Taylor Swift’s “The Last Great American Dynasty” ever appear on the big screen? Well, the casting director will make a debut on his job as Swift has already co-signed the film’s potential stars.

“The Last a Great American Dynasty will make an incredible film,” Twitter user @ TSlifestyle13 suggested earlier this week social litrature The tune is written about Rebekah Harkness, a Rhode Island socialite who once owned Taylor Swift’s Watch Hill home. “The story is unique yet the music will be perfect, and it already has the right title. For the cast: Blake Lively (Rebekah), Ryan Reynolds (Bill), Jessie Tyler Ferguson (Neighbor).”

To his surprise, that tweet turned into an availability check for all star actors bearing his name.

“Well, I’m up for it,” Ferguson confirmed, in response to Swift’s fan’s message showing him as a quarreling neighbor casting as a dog whose dog is painted in key lime green.

Reynolds gave some thought to the song-inspired project, but had some reservations about the fate of his character’s role: “But Bill’s heart …?” He joked (You are not aware that before “The Last Great American Dynasty” it is revealed that “the doctor told him to settle down / it must have been the blame that his heart gave him.”

Swift said, “Not trying to be the loudest woman, but having ever seen this city …”

See her response to the fun idea below.