Taylor Swift sent Katie Perry’s daughter Daisy a cute gift

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Remember the days when Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s feud was the biggest thing in the world? We can live through a global epidemic now, but at least we can safely say that all is well between the ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Swish Swish’ singers – and Taylor just gave Katie’s daughter Daisy it Sent an adorable gift to prove it.

Katy, who gave birth to her first daughter with Orlando Bloom in August, shared a picture of the embroidered with the words “Baby Bloom”, and until we can be sure that Taylor stitched it herself, it looks like this.

The new mother captures the image: “Miss ores miss @taylorswift looking at the embroidery of her hand. Hopefully this one year she walks around until it becomes an unrecognizable credit that she is a teenager.” As she holds in her pocket. ”

You may remember that Katy and Taylor are believed to have been dancers when Katy became a dancer a few years before Taylor’s tour. Then, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Taylor spoke of an “unknown” ex-friend saying: “For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not. That award show featured my Will come and say something. And go away, and I’ll think, ‘Are we friends, or has he given me the most harsh insult of my life?’

“He did such a terrible job. I was like, ‘Oh, we’re straight-on enemies.’ And it wasn’t about any boy either! It had to do with business.

“He basically tried to sabotage a whole field tour. He tried to hire a bunch of people from under me. And I’m amazingly non-confrontational – you wouldn’t believe I struggled. How much I hate it. So now I have to avoid it. It’s weird, and I don’t like it. ”

While escaping Katy, she wrote a huge song ‘Bad Blood’, which is believed to be about her.

However, two years ago Katy sent Taylor a literal olive branch, and it seems that all is well between them now.

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And this may not be the first time that Taylor has gifted a former sworn enemy. Fans feel that the song ‘Invisible String’ on their new album Folklore indicates that they sent something to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s daughter, Willa.

In the song, Taylor sings: “The cold was steel of ax to grind me / For boys who broke my heart / Now I present to my children.”

Taylor and Joe returned in 2008, and are said to have broken up with her over the phone. Swifties believe that her songs are ‘forever and ever,’ “better than revenge,” and of course, the soul-crushing song, ‘The Last Kiss’ are all about her. However, the ‘invisible string’ is a different vibe than the others.

Looks like we’re all growing up, eh?

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