Taylor Swift joins hilarious Twitter exchange with ‘The Office’ star Rainn Wilson

Taylor Swift landed on a hilarious Twitter exchange with one of the stars of her favorite show “The Office”.

The artist recently surprised all his fans by dropping his second album of 2020, “Evermore”, on Friday without anyone knowing it was coming hours before it was available. In response to a stunning review of the album, Swift inadvertently ran a Twitter exchange with actor Rainn Wilson.

in response to A tweet calling “Evermore” a “masterpiece” Swift expressed her gratitude as a jiff of Wilson’s character from the hit NBC sitcom, Dwight Shrut, crying that she said “thanks.” Jiff Apparently the actor got his attention as he soon joked on Twitter that he had no clue who the singer is.

“I don’t know who this is” Wilson joked. “Inventor of Swifter?”

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Not to proceed, Swift replied that only a fan of “The Office” knows how. He posted another giff from the show, this time featuring John Gerinsky, portraying Jim Helper, “Touche.”

Helper and Shrutte spent the entirety of the series in a fickle rivalry, constantly dapping on each other through various masks. Wilson has yet to respond to the “Willow” singer’s latest show reference.

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The Twitter exchange comes as a bit of a birthday present for Swift, who turned 31 on the first day. People said that Star gifted her fans with even more music. He debuted a dance remix of his new single “Willow”.

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Taylor Swift received a brief Twitter exchange with ‘The Office’ star Rainn Wilson.
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“It can’t be all,” Swift wrote in an Instagram post announcing the track. “So we’ve released the willow dancing witch version, remixed by Elvira, an evil female artist that I really respect.”

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According to People, the video takes place where the video for the song “Cardigan” closes, in which he crawls into his piano wearing a cardigan and walks out into a forest under a willow tree.

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