Tax reform and your cash


President Trump described his tax reform plan: “It’s cuts and it’s relief and it’s also reform. And frankly, it’s also simplification. So we’re covering everything.” Many persons are anxious to see the small print. (Alex Brandon/AP)

Will they or gained’t they. I don’t find out about you, however I’m getting very anxious concerning the tax reform Republicans are promising.

Will middle-income households see a significant tax break?

Will state and native tax deductions keep or go? Is the mortgage curiosity deduction in jeopardy?

And what concerning the speak to cut back the tax deductibility of 401(okay) contributions?

Any day now we’re alleged to know our tax destiny or fortune.

On Wednesday, President Trump mentioned, “There’s never been anything like this in the history of our country. It’s cuts and it’s relief and it’s also reform. And frankly, it’s also simplification. So we’re covering everything.”


We shall see. But within the meantime, right here’s some studying on how tax reform could have an effect on your cash.

— From USA Today: How 401(okay)s might change beneath Republicans’ tax plan

“The biggest potential change is slashing the maximum limit on pre-tax 401(k) contributions to $2,400 a year, down from the $18,000 IRS limit for Americans under 50 and $24,000 for Americans 50 or older in 2017. That would mean savers would be able to stash away fewer dollars in their accounts before income tax is calculated.”

— Weekly Standard: Your Tax Reform Primer: New Rates, What’s Changing, and What It Will Cost

— The Washington Post’s Thomas Heath: Here’s how traders can make cash on tax reform

— Wondering if tax reform will even occur? Read this: GOP Tax Cuts Won’t Pbad This Year — Or Maybe Even Next

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Republican tax reform might drastically and irreparably remodel 401(okay) and different office retirement plans

Republicans are contemplating adjustments to employer-sponsored retirement plans that will restrict the utmost pre-tax quantity people and married might contribute to office saving plans such because the 401(okay) and federal authorities’s Thrift Savings Plan.

So final week I requested: What do you consider any proposal to cut back 401(okay) contribution limits?

Thomas Cook, a licensed public accountant in Arroyo Grande, Calif., wrote, “I will never vote for any member of Congress that supports any measure to reduce the amount that can be contributed into middle-clbad retirement plans (IRAs, 401Ks, etc.). This makes absolutely zero sense if your core interest is the well-being of the American people.”

Phil S. of West Simsbury, Conn., wrote,” On a five-figure revenue, together with a disciplined deposit of the utmost, plus a 50 p.c complement by my employer over my final 15 years of working, I’m sitting on a web value of nicely north of $1 million. Couldn’t have executed this with the Republican’s proposed cap at present. Reducing it should positive damage many!”

Robert Gest from Virginia mentioned, “The Republican plan for reducing the amount folks can contribute is insane. Encouraging people to save less in order to fund their budget plan and enrich the already rich makes no sense. I do hope the members of the Republican base can see that this is not in their best interests and rise up against this. Loyalty is one thing; foolishness is another. As a retired military officer this does not significantly affect me; however, I feel for all the other middle-clbad people who will be hurt.”

Scott Fossum of Houston wrote, “As one who has utilized the existing limits to the max for many years, it is our largest single part of our net worth. But, I have no lobbyist working for me. I have made zero political contributions. I do vote, and my vote sometimes wins and sometimes loses. The legislation that pbades on anything never looks like anything I ever supported.”

“Since beginning my working career about 30 years ago, I’ve contributed to a 401(k) when offered by my employers,” wrote Tamara in Alexandria, Va. “Not all of them offered a 401(k) and of those that did, not all offered a match. When offered, I contributed at least the amount needed to get the match, usually more. I never withdrew funds and when I left jobs, I always rolled over to an IRA, which currently contains nearly $900,000. I work as a government contractor and do not have any other retirement plans besides Social Security. I am still working at age 56 and plan to for another 10 years. I am appalled at the possibility of killing/reducing the tax deductibility of 401(k)s.”

Mike Saylor of Vienna, Va., like another readers, thought I used to be being too alarmist.

It’s too early within the tax reform course of to be so unfavorable, he mentioned. “Assuming the Roth IRA / Roth 401(k) remain available saving options, the total tax-deferred savings picture should be presented in a more comprehensive and unbiased manner,” he wrote.

I appreciated the suggestions. And I perceive Saylor’s level that there are different choices to save lots of for retirement.

But having labored with a whole lot of individuals and figuring out how they deal with their cash, I imagine the proposal for the 401(okay) might rollback retirement financial savings for lots of people.

Sure there are different choices for retirement financial savings. People can go to a monetary establishment and open an IRA on their very own. But many gained’t as a result of they gained’t believe they’ll decide the correct investments. Having employers arrange retirement plans helps reduce by means of the huge selections.

Additionally, the flexibility of individuals to simply enroll at work helps with procrastination. Then there’s the herd mentality. They see and listen to their co-workers speaking about saving of their 401(okay) they usually observe.

Many employers don’t provide a Roth 401(okay). And once they do, lower than 10 p.c of plan contributors which have the choice of a Roth 401(okay) make a contribution into it, in line with Willis Towers Watson.

Employers lacking out with underutilized Roth 401(okay)s

And it’s not a slam-dunk Roth is healthier.

From Money/CNN: “If your firm lets you choose between a traditional 401(k) and a Roth 401(k), try to gauge whether the upfront tax break on the traditional plan is likely to outweigh the back-end benefit of the Roth.”

Roth: “If you’re on the young side or aren’t a high earner, opting for a Roth can be a smart move. Yes, you give up the initial tax break on your contributions — but if you’re not in a high tax bracket, the tax break wouldn’t have been that huge anyway. The Roth option will let you avoid taxes when you’re retired, which is a great thing.”

401(okay): “If you’re in a high tax bracket today, a traditional 401(k)’s immediate tax break may be more appealing than the Roth’s deferred gratification — especially if you expect to be in a lower tax bracket when you begin to make withdrawals from your account.”

Why you need to take into consideration placing cash in each: “It’s always a good idea to make sure your retirement money is “tax-diversified,” that means cut up up amongst accounts which can be tax-deferred till retirement, and accounts which can be already settled up with Uncle Sam.”

Read extra from Money/CNN: Which is healthier for me — a Roth or an everyday 401(okay)?

And this: Should You Use a Roth 401(okay) or a Traditional 401(okay)?

One final reader remark: “I work for a university and my husband is in the private sector in IT,” wrote Laura S. from North Carolina. “We are in our 40s. Neither of us have pensions. All our retirement savings are in 401(k)s, 403(b)s and IRAs. We try to maximize our contributions. Both our employers match our contributions, which is particularly crucial to our savings plans. I’ve seen little in the news about how the proposed changes to the 401(k)s would affect employer matching. I am outraged that the Republicans are considering balancing huge tax cuts for the extremely wealthy by targeting one of the most important retirement savings tools for the middle and upper middle clbades. I am fairly well off, and would happily pay more in taxes to help fund better medical care for the poor or to improve our infrastructure. But to take money from me, to jeopardize my retirement, so that they can give more money to billionaires, it’s simply not fair. You are definitely NOT overreacting to this proposal!”

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