Tax records show 200 units of funnel money for Trump’s assets, benefiting from the White House: NYT

a New York Times Analysis Tax records have revealed that more than 200 companies, special-interest groups and foreign governments have funded millions of dollars. President TrumpDonald John Trumpnerth Korea Reveals Large Intercontinental Ballistic Missile at Military Parade Trump no longer considered risk to broadcast COVID-19, doctor says Trump campaign’s new ad Fauci PeacockQualities benefiting from the President and his administration.

About a quarter of the institutions have not been previously reported.

Sixty patrons, who promote specific interests for the Trump administration, spend about $ 12 million on expenses associated with the Trump Organization during the first two years of Trump’s presidency. The Times reported that almost all of these customers saw their interests moving forward.

In interviews with nearly 250 business executives, club members, lobbyists, Trump property employees and current administration officials, sources told the Times how Trump operated the business and interacted with clients who helped with the administration Were asking for

The newspaper also used Trump’s tax-return data, lobbying disclosures, Freedom of Information Act requests and other public records to build a database of groups, companies and governments that the administration had business And money was spent on Trump’s assets.

The Trump Organization’s clients included foreign politicians, Florida barons, a Chinese billionaire, a Serbian prince, clean-energy advocates, petroleum industry leaders, petty government lawyers and contractors. The newspaper noted that some of the president’s customers did not see their interests fully fulfilled but noted that “whether they won or lost, Mr. Trump benefited financially.”

More than 70 advocacy groups, businesses and foreign governments organized events at Trump Organization Properties that had previously been in different locations or developed new events to be hosted at the properties. Religious organizations also participated by throwing prayer meetings, banquets and visits at Trump’s properties.

Trump’s assets had interests associated with at least two dozen custodial administrations to be reserved for 2017 and 2018. The analysis also found that more than 100 companies seeking action from the federal government spent money on Trump’s assets.

The Times noted that tax records do not include all payments to Trump’s assets, but additional data is tracked by the Town of Palm Beach where Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club is located. Organizations with special interest reported spending $ 3.3 million on events at the club from 2017 until now.

The records and membership rosters for Mar-a-Lago and Trump’s Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ, also show how much money his business was making after sitting in the White House.

Being a member of their club, leaders found time with the president and sometimes with their support, as they offered ambassadors to five members and selected others for advisory roles in their administration.

White House spokesman Jude Deere told The Hill in a statement that the Times’ report was “just more bogus news.”

“This is yet another politically motivated hit piece that is settling a standard trade deal the wrong way,” he said. “During his years as a successful businessman, Donald Trump was a longtime partner with Phil Ruffin and earned whatever payment he received. This is the same 2016 playbook that was rejected outright by the American people. “

Deere told the Times in a statement that the president changed the “day-to-day responsibilities” of the Trump Organization to those of his adult sons.


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