Taurid meteor bathe: Fears fireball may convey Second Ice Age and apocalypse to Earth


“It may have impacted and disrupted the lives of our ancestors many times in the past and will almost certainly do so again in the future”

Graham Hanbad

The Taurids are recognized for dazzling the night time sky, and are anticipated to peak within the Northern Hemisphere this weekend.

Known because the “halloween fireballs” the Taurids are related to Comet Encke, and are named after their level within the constellation Taurus.

Despite many individuals gearing as much as benefit from the superb show, a comet knowledgeable has warned that they should be worn out earlier than they hit Earth once more.

The Taurid Meteor shower could bring scenes like this to EarthGETTY/DS

WARNING: The Taurid meteor bathe may convey a lethal ice age

Rare meteor show streaks the night time sky


Perseid meteor bathe lights up sky throughout Britain

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Holy moly... A Perseid meteor enters the skyline above Glastonbury Tor in Somerset

Holy moly… A Perseid meteor enters the skyline above Glastonbury Tor in Somerset

Graham Hanbad, who produced the critically acclaimed e book Magician of the Gods, believes The Taurids have been a part of a cataclysmic occasion 12,800 years in the past, and will do the identical sooner or later if they aren’t swept from the photo voltaic system.

He wrote on Facebook: “New scientific badysis, of which most people is essentially unaware, is starting to pinpoint the Taurids as a terrifying hidden hand in human historical past.

“It might have impacted and disrupted the lives of our ancestors many occasions prior to now and can nearly actually achieve this once more sooner or later – except we take remedial motion.”

Nibiru sightings: Do these images present Planet X?


Some of chances are you’ll imagine. Some of chances are you’ll not.

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Mr Hanbad believes the Taurids introduced on the Ice Age and the autumn of a complicated historic civilisation greater than 12,800 years in the past.

Despite being accused of scare mongering, Mr Hanbad claims that his objective is barely to warn folks and forestall potential disaster.

“I’ve been accused of spreading gloom and doom by reporting and totally investigating the hazards of the Taurid meteor stream in Magicians of the Gods however that isn’t my objective.

The individuals who predicted the APOCALYPSE


Many folks have prophesied the top of the world. So far, none of them have been proper. Could we be ignoring somebody who can can genuinely forsee the approaching apocalypse?

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1997 Mar 26: HeavenÕs Gate Cult. Cult members committed suicide believing they' be escaping the end of the world Youtube

1997 Mar 26: HeavenÕs Gate Cult. Cult members dedicated suicide believing they’ be escaping the top of the world

“We have already got the know-how to brush our comedian surroundings clear and make the Earth secure for future generations of humanity.

“At current, nonetheless, the mbadive budgets are being spent on weapons of mbad destruction and ever extra refined methods to make struggle upon our fellow people.

“If these budgets have been switched to defending the Earth and securing the longer term generations of humanity we might don’t have anything to fret about it.”

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