Target to approve COVID-19 vaccine within week: report

Russia is aiming to approve a COVID-19 vaccine within weeks, although the country has not yet released data on its vaccine trials, CNN reported Tuesday.

Russian officials told the outlet that they are hoping to get approval for a vaccine developed by Moscow-based Gamalaya Institute on or before 10 August. Officials said that after being approved for public use, front-line health care workers would first receive the vaccine.

Kirill Dimitric, head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, called the development a “Sputnik moment”, a reference to which the Soviet Union launched the world’s first satellite.

According to CNN, “When they hear of Sputnik’s beeping, they are surprised. It’s the same with the vaccine. Russia will already be there.”

The outlet noted that it was unable to verify the safety or effectiveness of Russia’s vaccine without its testing being released.

Russia said it plans to release its data for peer review and publication in early August, though critics predict the country is accelerating vaccine development to stay ahead of other global powers.

Russian authorities defended the pace of development, citing the epidemic and the increasing number of Russia’s COVID-19 cases.

According to the data, more than 822,000 cases and at least 13,483 deaths have been confirmed in the country. Johns Hopkins University.

According to CNN, Russia’s vaccine would require patients to get a second booster shot.

Dozens of developers have begun vaccine testing globally, with a small amount starting large-scale testing, including in the US and the UK, but experts warn that the timeline continues, and developers have begun preparing for vaccines. Deadline has not been set.

Russia’s vaccines are still required to complete the second phase of testing, which officials say they expect to be completed by August. 3. Then, Phase III trials will be conducted at the same time that the front-line health care workers are vaccinated, trap.

The Ministry of Defense said that Russian soldiers have already served as volunteers in human trials.

Russia has denied claims hacked in US, Canadian and UK laboratories to find out about its COVID-19 vaccination development, alleging that the country has given early vaccination access to political and business elites, including the president Vladimir PutinVladimir Vladimirovich aims to approve COVID-19 vaccine within weeks: Report Putin says Russian navy is close to acquiring Hyperic weapons Trump talks with coronovirus, arms control in phone call with Putin.


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