Target ad placeholders refer to upcoming ‘new’ iPhone and Apple Watch Series 6

Retailers are preparing to release new Apple products, leaving the placeholder space available in their weekly advertisements. This week, Target published its weekly ad with placeholder references to the adjacent Apple Watch Series 6. The ad also leaves room for a “new” iPhone release, though not really expected this week.

Target advertising only mentions a “new iPhone” as well as instructions that Target marketing staff will complete the layout for the advertisement after Apple’s announcement. Imagery and text still refer to Apple’s iPhone 11 lineup of smartphones, and there is still room left for the iPhone 12 cases.

Of course, here it is important to remember what we are Do not do this We expect the iPhone 12 to be announced or released this week. The goal is simply preparing for the possibility that new iPhones can be announced theoretically, even if it is not highly likely. Target is basing its plan entirely on leaks and rumors, and there is no advanced knowledge of Apple’s announcements this week.

Target advertising also leaves room for the announcement of the adjacent Apple Watch Series 6. The ad only starts at Apple Watch Series 6 GPS and Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular “X99.99”. Again, Target has no advanced knowledge of Apple’s announcements, so pricing information is not unknown and the images are still of the Apple Watch Series 5.

Earlier this morning, a new crop of rumors offered more details on what Apple plans for the Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air 4. You can find a full roundup of our expectations for Apple’s September event here.

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