Tarant County ICU business at 99%; 1,278 COVID-19 cases, 23 deaths on Tuesday – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Tarant County Public Health Department confirmed that the hospital has ICU hospitals in the county with a capacity of only 99 beds, with only six beds available. The county health department also confirmed that another 23 new deaths were recorded on Tuesday in 1,278 new cases of COVID-19.

At the Tarrant County Commissioners Court meeting on Tuesday, Public Health Director Winnie Taneja reported that there are six ICU beds remaining in the county.

“Someone has a heart attack or a bad traffic accident, now you have to decide which person is more serious. Where do you place them? Do you keep them in ICU or treat them outside ICU care Try? ” Explained to Taneja. “That the burden of a disease becomes heavy.”

According to the TCPH COVID-19 dashboard, county hospitals have 1,323 COVID-19 patients and make up 29% of ICU patients. The total bed occupancy rate for all hospital beds in the county is now 88%.

Out of 1,323 COVID-19 patients, 258 are in ICU.

The Tarant County Public Health Department confirmed COVID-19 Friday’s 2016 new cases as well as another 16 new deaths. TCPH is also hospitalizing more than 1,030 people in the county, including more than 200 ICUs.

“There is a plan to escalate the epidemic in hospitals. Don’t scare people that they don’t know or don’t have the capacity. They do, but do you really want to spread that capacity? We already know that We are thin on staffing, “said Taneja.” The staff has been working in the hospital for almost 10 months with Kovid and disease. they are tired. Some of them Kovid, families with COVID, some of them died. So, do you really want to stretch. That ability? “

In the last seven days, the county has announced 11,188 new cases of the virus, or an average of 1,431 per day. Data from the county health department indicate that there are 1,278 more confirmed cases than the most recent report and 31 less likely cases.

The latest victims included a man from Keller who was over 100, a woman from Bedford in the 90s, a man from Hurst in the 90s, a woman from Fort Worth in the 90s, Fort Worth in the 80s One female, two men from Bedford. They had two women from Mansfield in their 80s, two men from Fort Worth in their 80s, a man from Grapevine in their 80s, a woman from Bedford in the 70s, a man from Crowley in the 70s, Benbrook Two men in their 70s, a man from Fort Worth in their 70s, a woman from Hurst in their 70s, a man from Fort Worth in their 60s, a woman from Euless in their 60s, Crowley in their 50s A man from, was a man from Mansfield. A man in his 50s and Fort Worth in his 30s. Three had no underlying health conditions, three had unknown underlying conditions, while others had underlying conditions.

Tarant County, which last month extended its facade mandate as of February 28, 2021, began reporting both potential and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in August at the request of the state’s Department of Health. Potential cases, the county said, account for various real-world situations and may uncover cases in the community that might otherwise go unproven. To date, the county has confirmed 127,256 and 18,023 potential cases of the virus, for a total of 145,279 cases.

The county is also reporting an estimated 1,113 recoveries, bringing the total number of survivors to 106,644. The county currently has an estimated 37,187 active cases, the highest in any North Texas county.

With 1,448 deaths now attributed to the virus, COVID-19 is now projected to be the third major killer of residents of Tarant County behind cancer and heart disease and is expected to surpass the annual total for stroke later this year .

COVID-19 causes a respiratory illness with cough, fever and shortness of breath and can lead to bronchitis, severe pneumonia, or even death. for more information coronavirus.tarrantcounty.com Or call the Tarant County Public Health Information Line, 817-248-6299, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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