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8 Hanshkhali carpenters are among 13 Indians arrested in Tanzania for illegal entry

Hanshkali, November 25: Police arrested a sub-agent of an overseas labor supply agency based in Delhi of Nadia's Hanshkhali on Sunday for falsification and breach of trust after 13 Indian workers, including 8 of Hanskhali, were arrested by Tanzanian police for entering the country without a visa and on a false work permit.

The accused sub-agent Srimanta Biswas was caught by officials of the National Anti-Trafficking Committee based in Calcutta with the help of the relatives of the 8 workers and handed over to the police on Saturday night.

On Sunday, the police took Srimanta to Hanshkhali and then presented him to the Supreme Court magistrates' court in Ranaghat, who ordered five days of police custody.

Foreign agent accused being taken to court in Ranaghat.

Srimanta Biswas being taken to court

Meanwhile, the 13 workers from Bengal (8) Bihar (2) and Karnataka (3) who were sent to Tanzania to work as a "carpenter" with a local farm have been languishing in a prison in the port city of Tanzania, Dar- es-Salaam since October 27, when they were arrested by the Tanzanian police at the airport for arriving without a visa and with a forged work permit.

Sk Jinnar Ali, chairman of the National Committee against Trafficking in Persons, a statutory body that works to combat human trafficking, which helped workers' family members to track them down since they did not contact them during the last four weeks, said: "After contacting the government of Tanzania we realized that the 13 Indians were arrested by the Tanzanian police because they did not have a visa and the work permit apparently issued by the Tanzanian government's labor commissioner, They were falsified by the Delhi-based agency, and later the workers were brought before a court of resident magistrates who on November 13 condemned them for possessing an "illegal permit issued without legal order" and penalized them with five lakh of shillings (Rs.15000 approximately), but since they did not pay the fine, the workers were senT for six months in prison. "

"They will be repatriated to India only after completing their imprisonment," he added.

The family members claimed that they dealt with the local agent Srimanta, who took Rs.1.10lakh crom. Each of the workers had a visa "on arrival" and a job for all against a monthly salary of Rs.50000.

Nipa Biswas, wife of the trapped workforce Bidyut Biswas, said: "Now it seems that Srimanta and his deputies based in Delhi our men put them in great danger. We are anxious about their condition and we do not know how to make them return home. We have appealed to Nadia's administration for help. "

Family members said that on October 19 the 8 labouurers who are residents of the village of Harindanga left their home. They boarded the plane for Dar-es-Salaam through Dubai and landed in the port city of Tanzania on October 27. But, since October 26, the family members could not communicate with them. Last week, Bidyut managed to call the family in Hanskhali and evaluated everything he sought help to rescue them.

"During the four weeks we could not get any information. We repeatedly ask Srimanta for help. But he avoided. Then we made contact with the NATC in Calcutta and the Hanskhali police for help, "said a family member.

Sk Jinnar Ali, president of NATC, said: "We caught Srimanta in our office and called him as an interested candidate to work overseas. Later we delivered it to the police. Meanwhile, we informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the incident and asked him to rescue the Indians who deal with the matter with the Tanzanian authorities at the appropriate level. "

An officer at the Hanskhali police station said: "We have interrogated Srimanta and found many inconsistencies, it seems that he worked as a sub-agent, the root of the crime is based in Delhi, we are in contact with the Delhi police, who arrested the agent Nadeem Salafi, at the same time, the Tanzanian embassy was contacted to learn about the current status of the Indian workers. "

District magistrate Sumit Gupta said: "The necessary measures are being taken so that workers can return to their homes."

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