Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (25 July)

And we’ve come to the end of another busy week in the video game world – a week full of technical titan analysis from a previous generation, third anniversary Marriage 2, Some freshly upcoming titles, and gaming chairs plastered with Mario’s face. Now, it’s finally time to talk and chat about our weekend gaming plans.

The members of Nintendo Life have done just that, and we would love for you to join our Poll and Comment section. Enjoy it!

Liam Doolan, news reporter

This weekend i am continuing my adventure Paper Mario: The Origami King. I admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the new combat system when I first started playing it, but it has grown on me ever since. Hopefully, this is a Paper Mario game that I can actually watch by the end of this time.

In addition to Nintendo’s latest release, I plan to spend some time with the title Devolver Digital, rotten. I don’t handle horror games well, but reverse the horror – it’s not a problem. I can’t believe how fun it is that everyone is running amorphous!

Goncolo Lopez, author contribution

The package from earlier means I will spend this weekend like import Ummahra Kavase Bachuka!, Brigandine: The Legend of RunnersiaThe Elusive Retail Edition Sayonara Wild Heart And nostalgic Famicom Namkot Collection. But eShop had a very strong week as well as expected DEX, rotten, And Panzer Paladin Even to do the rounds.

Game of the week Crysis destroyed. Not because it’s a small miracle, running on an Nvidia Tegra-powered tablet, but for the fact that I had not played any of the series’ entries before that. Now excuse me, I have some soldiers whom I terrorize by throwing this chicken.

Austin Voigt, author contribution

I plan to kick back and enjoy some laid-back games that require minimal effort on my part – at least, until Saturday afternoon. This week, I have been mainly focused on Paper Mario: The Origami King And Season Story: Friends of Mineral Town. Both are easy to jump in and out of, but still enjoyable. Paper Mario was a pleasant surprise especially with its beautiful graphics, hilarious writing and unique combat system. Friend of Mineral Town is a fairly indifferent game for me, as the original game was easily one of my favorites on the Game Boy Advance.

And then – with the absence of any real Olympics to watch – I’ll include some friends in one Ring fit adventure Olympic livestream, where I will probably come in last in everything and die of exhaustion! But it will be fun nonetheless (if you need some entertainment, come on, I’m sure I’ll do something ridiculous and lose it all for my team).

Gavin Lane, feature editor

After splashing on Konami Castlevania, Contra And Arcade classics Anniversary collection (hey, they were off by 75%!), I’m going on another retro binge this weekend. After playing my Game Boy on vacation, I look forward to playing Revenge of belmont Switch on.

I stuck too Cuphead Last week for the first time, so I will continue playing. I am unlocking characters too Roads of anger ४ With two players. What exactly is, Fine Pair of games – real audience too. And I’m sure I’ll get in on the bug-off Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Too. I will find that Nook Mile seal.

As always, thanks for reading! Be sure to leave a vote in the election above and comment below with your gaming options over the next few days…


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