Taliban supported Trump’s reception The mountain

In an interview with CBS News on Saturday, the Taliban said it hopes President TrumpDonald John Trumpfederal judge shoots Texas Proclamation, allowing one ballot per person to leave in county. Nine people attending Trump’s rally in Minnesota contracted the coronovirus Schiff: If Trump wanted more infection, would he be doing something different? more Will win the reunion.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujid said, “We hope he will win the election and air the US military presence in Afghanistan.” CBS News In a phone interview.

The group also expressed concern about Trump’s coronovirus diagnosis.

Another senior Taliban leader told the news outlet, “When we heard about Trump’s COVID-19 being positive, we became concerned for his health, but he seems to be getting better.”

The president and the Taliban have a mutual goal of taking American troops out of Afghanistan, as the US has had troops in the area for 19 years.

Trump threw a curbball on Wednesday, tweeting that all soldiers should be “home by Christmas”.

“We must have a small number of our Brave men and women who are serving on the occasion of Christmas in Afghanistan!” He tweeted.

The tweet came exactly one week before the 2020 presidential election, and amid efforts by the president and his administration to win a foreign policy to combat the coronovirus epidemic.

It is unclear whether Trump ordered a full withdrawal or if he was referring to National Security Adviser Robert O. Bryan, who announced a shortfall of 2,500 troops in Afghanistan early in 2021 on the first day. Defense Department officials have previously said they expect to reduce the US presence to between 4,000 and 5,000 troops by the end of November.

Nevertheless, the Taliban welcomed Trump’s tweet.

A spokesman for the group said in a statement on Thursday using the Taliban’s preferred name, “The Islamic Emirate welcomes these comments and considers it a positive step toward the implementation of the agreement between the IEA and the US.”

The Trump administration signed an agreement with the Taliban in February, calling for the complete withdrawal of US troops by May 2021. But the deal is certain that the Taliban will only intend to attack the West until they have fulfilled their commitment to deny safe havens to prisoners and other terrorist groups.

In a statement to The Hill, Trump campaign communications director Tim Muerto said, “We reject their support and the Taliban should know that the president will always protect essential American interests in some way, to the contrary Joe BidenJoe Bidenfederal judge shooting the Texas Proclamation allowed a ballot drop-off location towards County Sanders, who cancels more than 150 down-ballot Democrat debate commissions. 15 Trump-Biden Debate More Who opposed the ouster of Osama bin Laden and Kasem Soleimani. “