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The Tennessee Titans made a gift to the Denver Broncos on Monday night’s season opener at Mile High, and a Denver team said many hoped to break out in 2020 as the best in 2019.

choke on.

Despite the fact that Stefan Gostowski missed three mid-range field goals and an extra point to cost his team in double digits at the Titans’ start to the Giants kicker, the Broncos had their third home opener in the last 21 years Found a way to lose.

Stefan Gostkowski

Stefan GostkowskiDavid Zalubowski / Associated Press / Associated Press

This led to the Broncos’ fourth defeat in the last 16 matches in which they lost the lead in the final 30 seconds, but it would not have happened if no-rookie head coach Vic Fangio had been a cheater. When the Titans went inside the red zone in the final 90 seconds of the fourth quarter, by refusing to use their defense time.

When Gostkowski was given the opportunity to cash in on himself with a chip-shot, go-forward field goal, the Broncos had only 17 seconds to work with.

Multiple of fangio the explanation-Then he did not want to pursue Tennessee’s drive, the Titans returned Derrick Henry Went out of bounds anyway On one particular game, and the Titans were having problems – both were misleading and a sign of their confidence in their defense.

Those explanations also did not take into account the fact that he should have used at least one timeout before Henry had 24 seconds left. The disturbance of his watch will not reduce significantly. Just as the Titans finally opted to shut down the clock seven seconds earlier, with an incomplete pass before Gostkowski’s potential career-saving game-winner.

But Fangio’s esoteric decisions to save all three of his time for Hal Marie’s efforts do not come close to covering Chokri, which took place late Monday evening at Rockery.

The Broncos housed a foot-shooting clinic that included:

  • A Melvin Gordon fumble inside the Denver 25-yard line led directly to a first-quarter Tennessee touchdown.
  • A series of questionable play calls that put too much on young quarterback Drew Lock and resulted in a late Titans goal-line stand in the first half and zero Denver points.
  • A brutal third-down drop from rogue wide receiver Jerry Jeudy The first series of the second half killed Denver’s chance to set toner.
  • Two-quarters of individual fouls on defense, one of which – a dominant face mask on Josie Jewell – came on the Titans’ second touchdown drive.
Jerry jude

Jerry judeJustin Edmonds / Associated Press / Associated Press

The Broncos did not perform poorly on either side of the ball, and they actually flashed more than once, having already lost hope to Superstar edge defender Von Miller (leg) and Pro Bowl receiver Cortland Sutton (shoulder). Could do. Head start Phillip Lindsey (toe) And AJ Boye (Shoulder) Ahead of crunch time.

He averaged 5.5 yards per play (compared to 4.8 for Tennessee), he kept balance on offense and did not allow a sack.

But this is what makes it fail. Denver didn’t fall to 0-1 as it was without Miller, Sutton, Lindsey, Buay, promising crook wideout KJ Hamler or COVID-19 opt out Je’Yuan James. Due to some poor coaching moves and some careless mistakes, the Broncos played well enough to defeat a good opponent who fell short of a game in the Super Bowl last year.

That opponent also tried his best to hand the Broncos to victory in another home debut as well. As athletic Matt schneidman Mentioned on Twitter, Gostkowski’s performance was the worst single-game showing by a kicker in nearly two years.

But the Broncos were unable to take advantage.

It remains a young team which, unfortunately, is less healthy than many others. But this does not change the fact that these Broncos have yet to figure out how to do a very important job.

They can run, they can cover, they can apply pressure, and even they seem to have learned how to defend and get the ball downfield. They have got the most if not all of the important stuff to win.

Now, if only they could know how to win.

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