Takeaways from UNC’s WIn at 5 Syracuse

Chapel Hill – It wasn’t pretty for much of the afternoon, but the North Carolina offense eventually matched the game-play performance in their defense and the No. 18 Tar Heels scored 31-6, away from Cannan on Saturday. pulled. Stadium.

Carolina led 10-6 after just three quarters, as it was plagued by three turnovers and special teams mistakes, but the offense scored three times in the final period as it improved to a 1-0 season.

Sam Howell was 25-for-34 with 295 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions, while Michael Carter ran for 78 yards, while 60 receiving yards and Javon Williams had three rushing touchdowns for the Tar Heels. . The defense allowed just 202 yards, registered seven sacks and forced nine penalties.

There are 5 trackways from UNC’s win over Orange:

Pass Rush Concern Quild

Rush, Pass Rush, Pass Rush – The Tar Heels needed a better pass rush this season, as the camp opened five weeks earlier, and completed the mission on Saturday. Carolina recorded seven sacks on the day.

Chazz Surratt and Tomari Fox each had two, while Tomon Fox, Ray Vohasek and Jeremiah Gemmel each had one.

The Tar Heels received a solid rush from their inner line that allowed the Blitz to function. Surratt got close to Syracuse QB Tommy DeVito several times, in addition to his burrows coming from many directions. The pressure applied across the board was impressive, one reason DeVito was just 13-for-31 with 112 yards.

“I think the biggest difference in our defense is that we’re two-deep and we have new legs,” said UNC coach Mack Brown after the game. “And it really helps us more than last year. Toman Fox was tired many times last year, but there are many people out there who can annoy passers by now and I think he did a great job today. ”

Seven sacks are the most for the UNC team since 2013.

The Tar Heels were excellent in every fdacet of the game on defense. (United States Today)

Super stout de

Carolina’s defense was outstanding from the first snap, and missed a few tackles, except for a few plays the defense owned the Orange. Syracuse managed only 202 total yards, patted nine times and was only 4-for-19 on third downs.

Swarm, fast from side-to-sideline, and punishment on the line of scrimmings, the Tar Heels were terrific in every aspect of the game. In large number:

Syracuse averaged 1.9 yards rushing attempt, aided by UNC sacks, of course. But if you take seven sacks out of the equation, and the Orange average is 2.8 yards per play.

“I think today sets the bar and we all know we weren’t right today,” said defensive lineman Tomari Fox. “If I ask them now, we will all agree that there were a lot of things we could have done better. We just used it as inspiration and to give everything we got. I think our roof is completely through the roof, you can’t put a cap on us. We have a lot of talented people who are out there. ”

Defense was particularly stingy after three changes of the UNC. Syracuse debuted at UNC’s 23 after interception but the Heels held Orange to a down. Dazz Newsom’s blunt punt then gave Syracuse the ball off UNC’s 19th ball, Orange had to settle for a field goal, and he did the same to Carolina’s 48 after taking another interception. It is 20 offensive plays for 52 yards and just six scores.

“I think our defense is really good,” Surratt said. “A lot of people talked about our offense going into the year, so after getting into the game, we put a chip on our shoulder that showed the kind of people playing on the defensive side of the ball.

He said, “I’m really happy that we played how we’re going to play and I think we can be really good on defense. We’re very good guys on the front and back end. I think Akash Our defense is the limit. ”

It was the lowest point that UNC won 62–0 over Idaho in 2012, and the lowest in ACC games since Duke was held to six points in 2009.

Carter had a big day showing better games.
Carter had a big day showing better games. (United States Today)

A Smooth Michael Carter

Compared to a year ago, it was clear that Michael Carter looked faster, faster, more explosive and shifter. He left the Syracuse defenders defenseless, danced and exploded several times.

Carter drove the ball only seven times but helped set up a Carolina touchdown from 78 yards out with a length of 45 yards. He also caught six passes for 60 yards with a length of 23. Carter returned two kickoffs for a total of 40 yards.

He did not get to the end zone, but twice got the ball to the 2-yard-line, once through the field to the right, juking, jagging and speeding his way to the goal line before bringing it down. .

So no special teams

While better in the second half, the special teams were not accelerated before the intermission. The parade of mistakes helped Syracuse to steady the game and the heels. Between pregnancies:

* A punt dropped by Dazz Newsome gave Syracuse a 21-yard-line of ball tar heels that led to a field goal by the Orange.

* Grayson Atkins missed a field goal attempt.

* Syracuse returned a punt for a touchdown that was called back, but it was credited with a 27-yard return before a penalty. Heels looked all the way out on return.

* A penalty on a kickoff return meant the Heels opened up a possession on their 6-yard-line.

* UNC forced fast bowling three times in a series, but ruffled the kicker giving Syracuse the first and new life.

Things were smooth in the second half, including a 56-yard punt return by Newsome that set up a UNC touchdown, and Ben Kieranan averaged 45.5 yards on four punts with a length of 57 yards.

“The kicking game made a lot of mistakes in the first half,” Brown said. He said, ‘He played much better in the second half. There are some things in our kicking game that can be really powerful and help us this year. ”

Running T.D.

UNC had just 13 participating TDs last season, but it had vs. Orange. The Tar Heels did not come into the end zone through the run zone very often when they joined the Red Zone in 2019, but all three of the runway Williams’ touchdowns on Saturday were off the total 13 yards: run of 1, 6 and 6 yards .

The offensive line had its issues on the day, but it needed a push when close to the end zone, which is a positive sign to move forward.