Ubisoft for a vibrant fire attack "Dogma Assassin: Odyssey" The second chapter of a DLC problem announced today. 4Gamers

Ubisoft will be awarded "Assassin's Dogma: Odyssey" February 1.1.4 will be updated today (26), which will include a & # 39; The first Chapter 3 "Blood" DLC and the second chapter "Scan Out" The controversial to complete.

Note! About the second chapter, "Exhaust Shadow" players can not match the international connection, Ubisoft will acceptImport revised cutscenes "and" enhanced conversations "Unlocking.

It's great to help everyone to do a review, there are things like this.

In the first instance, players "Uamh na Scàileadh" can contact Natakas or his son, Darius, in other words … You are Playing Kashanzhuo by Natakas, tag Alexis Nima to Matching.

It seems that it's natural, but this is breaking the "Assassin's Dogma: Odyssey" development team on the features of "free love" play, the same player has lost his & her; be able to be in love with the same genre or to assume it was difficult to have Ubisoft "to go to the screens" The impact of the "Dark Shadows" on the line has continued to drag.

Creative Director, Jonathan Dumont, has excused FireWire, and shows that the movement is based on the sacrifices made by the Assassins to protect their heritage and their desire to continue their independence; taking into account blood. It is more interesting that Dumont has indicated that if you do not want to maintain this relationship, you can not continue to maintain "DLC" blood pressure in Chapter 3.

Now, it seems that Ubisoft needs players to continue to play. this "game and woman" relationship, so it opts to change the button, regardless of the object against which it is; player.

After looking at the new version of the story, talk to us about your thoughts.

This refill file capacity, PC version 4.7GB, PS4 version 5.7GB, version 5.5GB of Xbox One, takes care of the hard disk space when you go; download.

"Assassin's Dogma audio: Odyssey" is made up of three DLC chapters "his first mistress" estate, and the last "Blood" chapter was launched on 26 February.

In the evening of 2019, there was another second large scale content, "The Destiny of Atlantis" DLC, which can be used in Assassin's Dogma: Odyssey Season Pass (not just bought).

At the same time, the Assassin's Credit: Pass Season Odyssey includes Assassin's Creed III Creed and Assassin Crimes Liberating Liberation, which will be launched in March.

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