The Directors of the Taishan Society will be re-elected as a whole. Company details ensure regulatory rights Instant News |

(Tasglann Central News, Han Tingting, Taipei, November 21, 2018) Taishan (1218) held a temporary meeting of today's shareholders to replace the directors in advance, and was selected according to the list of named company company published a few days ago. The Baoli Group, who intends to access the board manager, is still low.

In recent years, Taishan campaigns have embodied two family families, and there are several women that the market has been submitted to encourage the board of directors. Among them, the Baoli Group, which once controlled over 30% of Taishan departments, has gained maximum attention. Longbang International Group's power has also taken a big deal.

However, temporary transitors today, the list of directors and independent directors, will send their company to ensure that they have the right to work, then return to the basics of its performance; Can the new generation be? Wild Market Competition The old boardboard that is designed is highly valued.

Taishan had a meeting today at the Staff Training and Training Center at Tianzhong Town, Changhua County. Today, Taishan produces Panbao's electronic pole in the memory of a partner. A full re-election of independent directors and directors in advance, as well as new directors (including independent directors) and their representatives.

Taishan expanded the number of ordinary directors from 9 seats to 4 seats, and the independent directors held 3 sets. New directors include Zha Yihong, Zhan Jingchao, Zhan Yi, Zhan Peishan and four other independent directors, as well as Wu Jiexin, Sun Chuwei and Xu Yongchang. The current director and independent director.

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