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The "sides of people" are both sides of the narrows. The MAC responds: recognizes TVBS TV truth

President Xi Jinping decided to chair President Kuomintang, Lien Chan Yesterday (13th). Regarding Xi Jinping's views on cross-border relationships, MAC's time replied that China "needs to recognize real fidelity and respect for the public of Taiwan's public" and negotiate differences through communication. It is the will of the people. Yesterday, the fourth meeting of the Xi Jinping and Lien Chan continued meeting. In the meeting, Xi Jinping was in a position; Believing the cross-strait relatives were difficult and tough, and stressed that "the road to the road and the people's mind is not completely". In response, the MAC responded last night and thought that both sides should strive to resolve differences under the concepts of communication. This is the right way for long-distance relationships to be stable and long. The MAC said that government policy has always been firm in maintaining a peace and consistency situation across the Taiwan Strait, protecting the country's sovereignty and Taiwanese subject. However, the current narrow-facing situation is complex, and it depends on both sides of the loss, to emphasize the situation, and to emphasize the recognition of cross-border truth and respect for Taiwan public opinion. The MAC also said that we must address the development of cross-channel relationships pragmatically and actively. We need to make a one-sided decision or an army. The situation in the Taiwan Strait in the 70 years has slowly moved from loss to peace. We need to achieve the results of both sides. Ultimately, the MAC said that the overshadowing peace of peace was the largest consensus on both sides; narrows and historic shift of cross-border development. The Chinese mainland should "develop rationality, openness and respect", integrate democracy and freedom and human rights and the rule of law, and take historical responsibility. Interactive Editor Lu Jiahui The biggest issue here! Trying to keep up with the events that are going on; At the moment, make sure to get involved with TVBS News LINE friends! More TVBS reports There are many military frequencies around the platform! Reasons to appear to the mainland: I am afraid that independent people will be able to go to the mainland. damaging Taiwanese people with "Taiwan independence". Zhao Shaokang: I also said that the status quo is maintained. Taiwan has become so quiet. + People are not happy. He is "Lee Teng-hui". Xi Jinping is a Speaking on the Lien Chan Foreshore: There should not be an independent place in Taiwan.

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