Donald Trump – Nonprofit Digital Media Sun, 15 Jul 2018 22:01:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Immersion in emergency oil reserves would be a mistake for the US UU., The Iranian official warns Trump Sun, 15 Jul 2018 22:01:49 +0000

A senior Iranian oil official urged US President Donald Trump not to use the country's Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower prices and, instead, suspend sanctions on Iran's oil exports.

"I advise you, Mr. President, to avoid touching the SPR – to cool down and renounce the sanction of Iranian oil," said Hossein Kazempour Ardebili, Iran's representative to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), by e-mail .

The Trump administration is actively considering tapping into the country's emergency oil inventories as political pressure increases before the legislative elections in November, according to people familiar with the matter. Mr. Trump is also trying to stifle Iran's oil exports after abandoning a nuclear deal with the country.

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"Mr. President, as I have anticipated before, it seems that you are resorting to the SPR due to the fact that there is no additional capacity to cover Iranian exports, but there will be many repercussions "said Kazempour.

Mr. Trump is pushing Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members to fill any supply gap that arises when the US sanctions. UU Reduce exports of Iranian crude. Iranian flows could be cut in half once the US sanctions come into effect on November 4, according to the International Energy Agency. The country sends around 2.5 million barrels per day.

U.S. The government teams recently visited Saudi Arabia to ensure that global markets continue to supply adequately after the deadline. Producers such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Russia have announced their intention to increase supply.

"Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Russia intended to deliver 2.5 million barrels per day of Iranian exports," said Mr. Kazempour. He said. "That was a miscalculation, Mr. President: it has fallen into its trap, and prices will rise."

It is not the first time that the Iranian official responds to Mr. Trump's policies. Earlier this month, Mr. Kazempour said the President's tweets criticizing OPEC had raised oil prices by around $ 10 a barrel.

"If in Iran we left our exports for only a month to show what it can contribute to the world economy, you would have thought twice," said Kazempour. "But we are a civilized nation and a responsible government."

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Putin wants to & # 39; solve & # 39; problems with France Sun, 15 Jul 2018 16:59:36 +0000

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin says he told the leader of France It is time for Russia and France to "overcome" the difficulties that afflict their relations.

Putin met on Sunday in Moscow with French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron's office said he wanted to make Europe's voice heard after the controversial NATO summit and Putin's summit with US President Donald Trump.

Putin says that the growth of trade grew 19 between Russia and France in the first half of 2018. He always said "Reasons to believe that we will overcome all the difficulties we have faced recently and will embark on a path of positive development".

The distance between France and Russia has been driven by Russia's actions in Ukraine and Syria. Macron's office says those were issues that he wanted to discuss with Putin.

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Trump brought his lies to Europe this week Sun, 15 Jul 2018 08:19:46 +0000

From the NATO conference in Brussels to his visit to the United Kingdom, President Donald Trump vomited a lie after lying abroad last week.

Trump started a controversial NATO summit by reprimanding Germany, falsely claiming that "Germany is totally controlled by Russia because they will get 60 to 70 percent of their energy from Russia and a new oil pipeline."

Germany relies on Russia between 50 and 75 percent of its natural gas but the resource comprises only about 20 percent of Germany's total energy sources. The sources of the rest of the country's power are more diverse.

After the summit ended, Trump held an impromptu press conference during which he greatly exaggerated the contributions of the United States to NATO.

"The United States has been paying a tremendous amount, probably 90 percent of the cost of NATO," he said erroneously. Before boarding his plane, he repeated his frustration, but this time he said that the United States pays 70 percent.

Regardless of the percentage you cited, Trump's figures are very far away. Although NATO has acknowledged that the United States pays more than its fair share, the United States contributes 22% of the NATO pool.

Trump also shook the ship in NATO by pushing for countries to increase defense spending targets to 4% of the country's gross domestic product. A 2014 agreement established an objective for countries to spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense by 2024, which most countries are on track to achieve.

"The United States, depending on how it is calculated, is 4.2 percent," Trump said. Once again, Trump inflated the spending of the US. US: the US defense budget UU In 2017 it was 3.6 percent of its GDP.

Although Trump announced that the allies had agreed to raise the target to more than 2 percent, French President Emmanuel Macron refuted that idea.

"There is a statement that was published yesterday, it is very detailed, it confirms the goal of 2 percent by 2024. That's it," Macron told The Associated Press.

Thanks # NATO2018 !

– Donald J. Trump (@ realDonaldTrump) July 12, 2018

When asked about the protests that would receive him when he landed in London, Trump said that people in the UK "I like it very much" and then went on to discuss the protests in the aftermath of their victory in the 2016 elections. However, he delivered a blatantly false historical fact, saying that Wisconsin won even though the former president American Ronald Reagan had lost in the state.

In fact, Reagan won in Wisconsin in 1980 and 1984. It is unclear where Trump got his information, but this is the third time he has lied about Reagan's victories in Wisconsin.

  Tens of thousands of protesters marched against Donald Trump's visit to the United Kingdom and its policies.

TOLGA AKMEN via Getty Images

Tens of thousands of protesters marched against Donald Trump's visit to the United Kingdom and its policies.

In an interview with the British tabloid newspaper The Sun that was published on Thursday, Trump criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May for her handling of Brexit. But the president made a total of 180 in a joint press conference on Friday with May, and qualified his comments in the interview in the "false news" log.

Trump suggested that a recording of the interview would prove that he did not make such observations about May. However, in an audio recording of the interview, you can hear clearly by making those comments.

The president also complained that The Sun had not posted any of his positive comments about May, but a Sun reporter at the conference informed him that the exit had.

During the press conference, Trump also falsely said that the European Union refuses to buy American agricultural products. That is incorrect: the United States exported $ 11.5 billion in agricultural products to the EU in 2017, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

Trump's pattern of throwing falsehoods is nothing new. The Washington Post reported that the president made 3,001 false or misleading claims since May 1, and that number has only increased.


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Trump-Putin meeting arrives at the low point for US-Russian relations Sat, 14 Jul 2018 21:39:41 +0000

President Trump will finally have his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, one by one that the president has been calling for since his campaign, but which many badysts fear could lead to US bargaining. with a bad actor.

The White House says that the two leaders will discuss important issues in Russian-American relations, and Trump will try to improve the relationship that is currently at its lowest point since the Cold War.

Accusations of Russian agents for alleged piracy and electoral interference. Sanctions Diplomatic expulsions. The last years, which date back to the annexation of Crimea in Russia in 2014, have generated great tension between the United States and Russia.

  PHOTOGRAPHY: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announces accusations before a grand jury of 12 Russian intelligence officers in the Robert Muellers Russia investigation, during a press conference at the Justice Department in Washington, DC, on July 13. 2018. Leah Millis / Reuters
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announces accusations before a grand jury of 12 Russian intelligence officers in the investigation of Robert Mueller in Russia, during a press conference at the Department of Justice in Washington, DC on July 13, 2018.

Putin and Trump are also expected to also address global issues that have put the two countries in conflict, including Ukraine, Syria, arms control and North Korea.

"I'm not going to go in with great expectations, but we can get some amazing things," Trump said at a news conference on Friday with UK Prime Minister Theresa May in England.

Here is a look at the main problems.

Bilateral relations

"Fortunately, we will have a very good relationship with Russia," Trump said at Friday's press conference as he stood by May, whose country is still reeling from an attack with chemical weapons by Russian agents. in March and a possible second this month.

This is a common chorus of Trump, who has called for better relations with Russia since he was a candidate. "We are competitors, not a question of friend or enemy, he is not my enemy, and with luck, one day, maybe he is a friend," he said about Putin at NATO headquarters a week ago.

Despite their attempts to forge that friendship, Russian-American relations are harsh. Russia forced the United States to reduce its diplomatic presence in the country last summer, a belated response to the expulsions ordered by President Obama from Russian diplomats in retaliation for Moscow's interference in the 2016 elections. UU They responded by closing the Russian consulate in San Francisco and expelling more Russians.

Congress also approved broad new sanctions on Russia last summer that Trump reluctantly signed because Republicans and Democrats say the administration has not done enough to punish Russia for its electoral interference and dissuade them from acting again on the partial exams of 2018.

Trump has said he will raise the issue of electoral interference: "I will bring absolutely 'meddling'," he said on Friday. But in the past, he has questioned whether Russia, in fact, interfered in the US elections, which seems to give credence to Putin's denials. Trump told reporters last November that he believed in Putin, only for the White House to make that return statement later.

As Trump's own national intelligence director, Dan Coats, told Congress in February, Russia has not been deterred: "There should be no doubt that Russia perceives its past efforts as successful and sees the elections of mid-term of 2018 as a potential target for Russian-influenced operations. "

After the chemical attack in the United Kingdom, EE. UU He expelled more Russian diplomats and closed the Seattle consulate, with the Russians responding in kind.

While there was a working level group between Assistant Secretary of State Tom Shannon and Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov to address these issues, he has not met in months; Shannon has left the State Department, with no plans for another person to badume this role.

At least Trump can get out of this summit by waving a flag of truce, trying to stop the downward spiral of relations and possibly improve them. But the actions of EE. UU They have overcome specific violations of international standards, including US ones, so any sanction or restoration of diplomatic relations would be considered a concession to Russia and a tacit green light for their aggression.


  PHOTO: Pro-Russian soldiers protect the Ukrainian infantry base in Perevalne, Ukraine, March 4, 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow reserves the right to use all means to protect the Russians in Ukraine as the USA UU March 4, 2014. Sergei Grits / AP
Russian pro-Russian soldiers protect the Ukrainian infantry base in Perevalne, Ukraine, on March 4, 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow reserves the right to use all means to protect the Russians in Ukraine as USPerevalne, Ukraine, March 4, 2014.

Nowhere is Russia's aggression more evident than in Ukraine. The Trump State Department has spent months criticizing Russia for backing, arming and leading the separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, and the administration maintains that it will never recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula that Russia invaded in 2014, what leads to the United States and Europe sanctions The fighting in eastern Ukraine continues after more than four years, with more than 10,000 people dead.

While the Trump administration has been hard on Russia over Ukraine, sending lethal weapons to the Ukrainian government, extending sanctions to the Russians for their participation and supporting the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which monitors the war, Trump doubts expressed

He reportedly told European leaders that Crimea should be Russian because many of its inhabitants speak Russian, and when asked if he would recognize the annexation of Russia last Thursday, he pointed out that Russia would open a bridge to the Crimea, an underwater port, "substantially added billions of dollars … What will happen to Crimea from now on? I can not tell you."

Even leaving the door open to Russia's land grabs has made Europe's allies nervous, especially Eastern Europeans who might face the same threat from Russia, as it has also invaded Georgia and Moldova.


The possible recognition of Trump to Crimea could be part of a larger agreement that relates to Syria. After more than seven years of a horrific civil war, large swathes of Syria begin to appear more firmly under the command of President Bashar al-Assad, which has the support of Russian air power and the Iranian and Iranian militias, although groups supported by the United States, including the Kurds, maintain control in some parts of the country.

  PHOTOGRAPHY: Smoke rises from the buildings after a surface-to-surface missile attack in an area controlled by the rebels in the southern Syrian city of Daraa on March 23, 2018. Mohamad Abazeed / AFP / Getty Images [19659006] Smoke rises from buildings after a surface-to-surface missile attack in a rebel-controlled area in the southern Syrian city of Daraa on March 23, 2018.

Assad's brutal tactics, including the use of chemical weapons, barrel bombs and torture, and repeated appeals by the United States and others to resign, the Trump administration, influenced by allies such as Israel and the Arab states, now sees Iran as the biggest threat in Syria. By seeking an end to Iran's military presence there, which threatens those allies and regional stability, the United States can seek an agreement with Russia, badysts say. In exchange for Russia expelling Iran from Syria, Trump could recognize the annexation of Crimea by Russia or withdraw the sanctions of the United States.

But it is not clear whether Russia has the capacity or interest to get Iran out, and because of the sanctions imposed by Congress, Trump can no longer unilaterally end sanctions against Russia.

Either way, the two leaders are also likely to discuss the ceasefire zone that both sides agreed to in southwestern Syria last year. Negotiated with Jordan, it was announced by the USA. UU As a way to quell the violence in Syria and move towards peace. But in recent weeks, the Assad regime, backed by Russian air power, has entered the area in open violation of the agreement. Although the Trump administration has expressed its concern, it has done nothing to stop the advance, breaking the agreement that it held as a success.

Arms control

Gun control may be the lowest fruit in which the two leaders can reach some kind of agreement. But even that will not be easy. Trump told reporters in Brussels on Thursday that he will bring up Russia's breach of the Interim Scope Treaty (INF) and said he would like to extend the New START, an agreement that limits the number of nuclear weapons deployed and creates new inspections scheme but that expires in 2021.

  PHOTO: A photo capture taken of footage provided by the official website of Russian President shows a test launch of a nuclear-powered cruise missile during the speech by Russian President Vladimir Putins to the Federal Assembly in Moscow on March 1, 2018. Kremlin brochure / EPA / REX / Shutterstock
A photo taken from the images provided by the official website of the Russian president shows a test launch of a missile from Nuclear propulsion cruise during the address of Russian President Vladimir Putin Assembly in Moscow, March 1, 2018.

Trump previously criticized that agreement as a bad deal negotiated by his predecessor. It is not clear what changed and now he wants to extend it.

The best that can be expected here is that, outside of its summit, Putin and Trump announce new talks to negotiate a follow-up agreement. The two parties sat for the last time in September, but a second meeting was canceled in March.

Still, the idea of ​​nuclear talks seems to attract both Trump, who is seeking a summit victory, and Putin, who wants Russia to appear as an equal to the US. UU And a nuclear superpower on the world stage.

However, there is no shortage of irony when making an arms control agreement with Russia after it has deployed chemical weapons in the United Kingdom and has blessed its use in Syria.

North Korea

While China is North Korea's most important trading partner, Russia also has strong historical and economic ties with Pyongyang, something that the United States has asked for in recent years, as it has sought to tighten the rope in North Korea and demands that it dismantle its nuclear weapons program.

  PHOTOGRAPHY: North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, accompanies President Donald Trump, on the left, during a break at his historic US summit. UU And North Korea at the Hotel Capella on Sentosa Island in Singapore on June 12, 2018. Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images
The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, accompanies President Donald Trump, to the left, during a break at its historic summit between EE. UU And North Korea at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore, June 12. 2018.

But with the Trump administration now pushing for a diplomatic solution to North Korea's nuclear program, Russia has found itself looking inward, and wants nothing more than to be in the game and be considered a player important. That is why Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov paid a visit to Kim Jong A few days before the Trump summit in Singapore.

Putin can offer to help the US UU To negotiate with North Korea, as Russia did during the six-party talks under the George W. Bush administration. It is unclear how much influence Russia has with Kim, but the support of another regional power could help propel North Korea on the path to denuclearization.

Still, what the United States should be vigilant about is a Russian impulse to ease the sanctions on North Korea so that it can reactivate economic activity. Last week, the main North Korean diplomat in the Russian province of Primorsky met with the governor of the region and advocated building a bridge across the border, expanding trade and increasing the number of North Korean guest workers in Russia, which would violate the sanctions of the United Nations Security Council.


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2 arrested in right-wing and pro-Trump protests in London Sat, 14 Jul 2018 17:40:03 +0000

LONDON – British police arrested a man and woman at a right-wing protest in London, where people support a prominent right. activist joined the demonstration "Welcome Trump".

The small rally supporting US President Donald Trump, who is in Scotland after visiting London, joined the "Free Tommy Robinson" protest on Saturday in London's Whitehall. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, founded an anti-Muslim group and was jailed for contempt of court after issuing a criminal trial in May.

Scotland Yard imposed restrictions on both rallies "due to concerns of serious public disorder". He said that a June demonstration by the group "Free Tommy" resulted in serious violence in London and resulted in nine arrests.

The force said that the two arrested on Saturday were suspected of crimes of public order.

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Trump blames Obama for the American response to Russian piracy Sat, 14 Jul 2018 12:59:50 +0000

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump tried on Saturday to blame the Obama administration for not responding aggressively enough to the Russian piracy of Democratic targets in the 2016 US elections, cyber attacks that underpin the indictment of 12 military intelligence officers Russians

Trump's first response The initial badbadinations of Robert Mueller against Russian government officials for interfering with US policy came in tweets published by the president at his golf resort in Scotland, two days before a high-risk summit in Finland with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The stories you heard about the 12 Russians yesterday took place during the Obama administration, not the Trump Administration, "Trump tweeted." Why did not they do something about it, especially when it was reported that the FBI informed President Obama in September, before the elections?

The formal accusation announced on Friday said that the Russians had pirated the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Party and released tens of thousands of private communications as part of a broad conspiracy by the Kremlin to interfere in a US election that ended up putting Trump in the White House.

Intelligence agencies have said that Moscow aimed to help Trump's campaign and damage Clinton's offer.

The 29-page indictment states how, months before Americans voted in November 2016, the Russians planned to enter key Democratic email accounts, including those belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Democratic National Committee and Congress Democratic Campaign Committee.

The stolen emails, many politically harmful to Clinton, appeared on WikiLeaks in the final stretch of the campaign.

The charges say that the Russian defendants using a person known as Guccifer 2.0, in August 2016 contacted a person in contact with the Trump campaign to offer help. And they say that the same day that Trump, in a speech, urged Russia to find Clinton's lost emails, Russian hackers tried for the first time to enter email accounts used in his personal office.

Mueller did not claim that the Trump campaign badociates were involved in the attack, that the Americans were in contact with the Russian intelligence officers or that any vote count was altered by hacking.

The White House took advantage of those points in a statement that offered no condemnation of Russian electoral interference.

Trump has repeatedly expressed skepticism about Russia's involvement in piracy while Democrats accuse him of hobnobbing with Putin. Trump, hours before the accusation was made public, complained about Russia's investigation hours, saying that "stupidity" was making "very difficult to do something with Russia".

The Kremlin again denied that it tried to influence the elections. "The Russian state has never interfered with or intends to interfere in the US elections," said Putin's Foreign Minister Yuri Ushakov.

The indictment identifies the defendants as officers of the General Directorate of Intelligence of the Russian General Staff, also known as the GRU. If that link is established, the Kremlin's denials of the Russian state's participation in the US elections would be shattered, given that the GRU is part of the state machine.

The Russian defendants are not in custody, and it is not clear that they will appear in a US court.

The indictment accuses Russian hackers, as of March 2016, of covertly monitoring the computers of dozens of Democratic officials and volunteers, implanting a malicious code known as malware to scan networks and steal data, and send emails Electronic phishing to get access to accounts.

An interference attempt came hours after Trump, in a speech on July 27, 2016, suggested that the Russians look for emails that Clinton said she had removed from her position as secretary of state.

"Russia, if you're listening," Trump said, "I hope you can find the 30,000 emails that are missing."

That night, the indictment says, the Russians tried to turn to email accounts used by Clinton's personal office, along with 76 Clinton campaign email addresses.

By June 2016, the defendants, relying on fictitious personalities such as DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0, began planning the release of tens of thousands of stolen emails, the indictment alleges.

Podesta's emails published by WikiLeaks showed the campaign's private communications, including deliberations on the messages they played in the attacks that Clinton was calculating and a change in political tendency. The private speeches he gave to the financial industry firms were particularly damaging within the left wing of the Democratic party and among the frustrated independents with Wall Street's influence on politics.

The indictment alleges that Guccifer 2.0 was in contact with several Americans in the summer of 2016 about the stolen material, including an unidentified congressional candidate who requested and then received stolen information.

On August 15, 2016, according to the indictment, Guccifer 2.0 contacted someone in contact with the Trump campaign and asked the person if they had seen something "interesting in the documents that I published", Guccifer 2.0 said it would be a "Great pleasure" help.

Prosecutors say that weeks later, Guccifer 2.0 referred to a stolen DCCC document posted online and asked the person, "What do you think of the information on the participation model for the full Democratic presidential campaign? ? " The person answered: "(p) standard retty."

the indictment does not identify the person, although Roger Stone, confidant of Trump, acknowledged on Friday, through his lawyer, a "24-word exchange with someone on Twitter who claims to be Guccifer 2.0"

" This exchange is now completely public and provides no evidence of collaboration or collusion with Guccifer 2.0 or anyone else in the alleged hacking of DNC emails, "said attorney Grant Smith.

The charges are made when Mueller continues to investigate the possible coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign. Before Friday, 20 people and three companies had been charged in the investigation.

The defendants include four former agents of the Trump House and the White House, three of whom pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate, and 13 Russians accused in a powerful social media campaign influencing public opinion from the USA UU in 2016.

Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said on Twitter that it was time to end the investigation since "no American is involved" in Friday's indictment. But with Mueller still investigating, it is not known if decisions are being made or new accusations will be made.


Colvin reported from Glasgow, Scotland. Associated Press writers Darlene Superville, Richard Lardner, Desmond Butler and Mary Clare Jalonick in Washington and Raphael Satter in London contributed to this report.


More AP reports on Russian hacking: tag / Russianhacking

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The latest: the next leader of Mexico delivers the plan to Pompeo Sat, 14 Jul 2018 07:21:42 +0000

WASHINGTON – The last in Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the meetings of the cabinet delegation with officials in Mexico City (all times EDT):

4:15 pm

The president-elect of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has delivered to a high-level US delegation a proposal on how the two countries can work together in key areas of cooperation. [19659008] That is according to Marcelo Ebrard, whom López Obrador chose as Foreign Relations Secretary after taking office on December 1.

Ebrard says that the proposal covers four main pillars of the relationship: trade, development, security and migration. He adds that the details will be made public only after being in the hands of US President Donald Trump.

Ebrard describes Friday's meeting between Lopez Obrador and senior US officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as "frank, respectful and cordial."


3:30 p.m.

USA UU Secretary of State Mike Pompeo congratulated the elected president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and said that the visit of a high-level delegation to the country indicates Washington's commitment to the bilateral relationship.

Pompeo met with López Obrador in Mexico City on Friday afternoon. less than two weeks after his overwhelming choice.

Pompeo told the president-elect that the presence of four senior US officials shows that "the United States values ​​our relationship with Mexico very much."

He acknowledged that "there have been setbacks on the road between our two countries." But he added that President Donald Trump "is determined to improve and strengthen the relationship between our peoples."

The delegation met previously with the current president, Enrique Peña Nieto, and visited the US embbady. UU Mexico City.


2:50 pm

The office of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto says he asked a delegation from the United States led by State Secretary Mike Pompeo to quickly gather separate migrant families at the border.

A statement by the presidency says that it called for "a permanent alternative that prioritizes the welfare and rights of minors."

He adds that the president expressed his concern over a recent attack on a 92-year-old Mexican man legally residing in California. According to reports, the man was beaten by a woman with a brick and told to "return to his country".

Peña Nieto said that such incidents "foment a climate of hatred and racism that we must avoid"


12:45 pm

An American delegation headed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Los Pinos , the official residence of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The caravan toured the streets of Mexico to the residence and disappeared behind the security perimeter of the complex.

The delegation also plans to meet with President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a left-wing populist who won by badault on July 1. The dramatic change in Mexican politics offers neighboring nations the opportunity to repair strained relations or worsen them.

He takes office on December 1

Accompanying Pompeo on the trip are the son-in-law of President Donald Trump and White House adviser Jared Kushner, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Hom The Secretary of Security from the USA UU., Kirstjen Nielsen.

They will meet Friday afternoon with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Luis Videgaray.


12:40 am

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, heads a Cabinet delegation to Mexico after a radical change election that could offer an opportunity for neighbors to repair strained relations.

Friday will be joined by Pompeo the son-in-law of President Donald Trump and White House Advisor Jared Kushner, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (mih-NOO & -39; -shin) and Secretary of National Security Kirstjen (KEER & # 39; -sten) Nielsen.

Relations between the United States and Mexico have deteriorated significantly under Trump, who campaigned to build a border wall and blamed Mexico and social problems in the United States

However, after the overwhelming victory of the leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador, tensions have eased.

Both leaders made positive statements after a phone call earlier this month. The wall was not mentioned.

López Obrador will replace President Enrique Peña Nieto in December.

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5 conclusions of the accusation of piracy of the Russian elections Sat, 14 Jul 2018 04:49:43 +0000

WASHINGTON – When the US presidential election entered the final leg in 2016, a dozen Russian military intelligence officers dispersed throughout Moscow, unleashing a mbadive cyber-operation to disrupt the vote.

That's according to an accusation issued on Friday that officials said they developed malicious computer code known as malware, hacked into Democratic Party computers and silently watched unskilled employees write.

The Russians stole the secret files of the Democrats. They took snapshots of their screens. They used fake emails to trick Hillary Clinton's employees and expose their pbadwords.

And then, says the accusation, the Russians divulged their stolen information to the world.

Here is a look at what is in the indictment:


The accusation said that the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Russia, known as GRU , had several units that "carried out large-scale cyber operations" to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election. [19659008] One of the units was based on an unpretentious side street in the Khimki suburb of Moscow, in a building which is referred to within the GRU as the "Tower", according to the accusation. Another had its headquarters near the center of Moscow, not far from the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has consistently baderted that Russia was not involved in piracy or any attempt to interfere with US elections. But GRU is part of the state machine, and its participation would indicate that Putin was very involved in the effort.


According to the indictment, the Russian piracy operation was so precise that they were able to identify specific computers within the Democratic Campaign arm of the House, the Congressional Democratic Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee that stored information related to the elections. They were able to search the computers for certain terms, such as "Hillary", "Cruz" and "Trump". They also copied folders, including opposition research and field operation plans.

The Russians concealed their participation through fake email addresses and identities and a network of computers located throughout the world, including in the United States. They paid for their infrastructure using cryptocurrencies.


The accusation says that the Russians used "spearphishing" – a technique used to steal pbadwords or gain access to computers – through the summer of 2016 to hack individuals badociated with the Clinton campaign.

An attempt noted in the indictment seems to occur hours after Donald Trump suggested the Russians look for Clinton's emails. On the morning of July 27, 2016, Trump delivered a speech in which he said "Russia, if you are listening", he would love to take a look at the thousands of emails that Clinton said she had removed from her position as secretary. of state.

The indictment points to an attempted piracy later that day, saying that "after hours" the Russians tried to "launch email accounts for the first time in a domain hosted by a third party provider and used by Clinton staff" In the indictment, he says the Russians attacked more than 300 people badociated with the Clinton campaign, the DCCC and the DNC, "the prosecution notes, with approximately 76 emails in the Clinton campaign domain


The indictment does not claim that any Americans, including Trump campaign officials, were consciously in contact with Russian intelligence officials, but it does say that the Russians wrote to a anonymous person "who was in regular contact with veteran members of the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign."

On August 15, 2016, the Russians wrote On, according to the indictment: "Thanks for writing again … do you find anything interesting in the documents I published? "

Two days later, the Russians added," please tell me if I can help them anyway … it would be a great pleasure for me. "

In September, the Russians wrote the person again and they referred to a stolen DCCC document posted online. "What do you think of the information on the participation model for the full Democratic presidential campaign?"

The person responded, "(p) standard retty", according to the indictment

THE RUSSIAN STEALED THE VOTER'S INFORMATION [19659025] The indictment says that the Russians have hacked the website of a state election board and have stolen the information of approximately 500,000 voters, including names, addresses Social security numbers, birth dates and driver's license numbers Also hacked into a national election provider that provided software used to verify registration information or of voters.

Federal officials have said that the state electoral sites in at least 18 states were investigated by the Russians. The indictment adds county offices – specifically in Georgia, Florida and Iowa – to the list of electoral management sites it allegedly visited "to identify vulnerabilities."

Department of Homeland Security officials have said there is no evidence of manipulation of election results with during the 2016 intrusions.


Associated Press writers Eric Tucker and Lynn Berry in Washington and Frank Bajak in Pittsburgh contributed to this report.

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The Secretary of Commerce of the United States, Wilbur Ross, says he will sell all his shares, buying Treasury bonds. Fri, 13 Jul 2018 02:22:29 +0000

A legendary investor who made his fortune in distressed badets, Ross took over in early 2017 with a long and complicated list of financial holdings.

According to a financial disclosure report submitted last year, Ross and his wife, Hilary Geary, maintained disclosed combined portfolios consisting of more than 483 badet, income and retirement accounts. The value of these badets was estimated at around $ 51,029,060 to $ 523,981,070.

After President Donald Trump nominated him as Commerce Secretary, Ross announced that he planned to divest at least 80 badets and investment funds.

Ross said his short sales were made to achieve that goal. He explained that in each case, after starting to disinvest in companies, he knew that he had received additional shares in the companies as compensation for his service as a director.

"When I discovered that I had these investments, my first reaction was I cut them because they were not in my physical possession, and I had to wait until I received them from the transfer agent to dispose of the shares," Ross said.

"My intention was to be economically neutral to ensure that no conflict is perceived," Ross said.

Here is the statement from the Trump administration official:

Statement by the United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross

Today I received the attached letter from the Office of Government Ethics (OGE). I agree with OGE that "the success of our government depends on maintaining the trust of the people we serve." I take my ethical obligations very seriously and I am committed to serving the American people.

I have made inadvertent mistakes in completing the divestments required by my ethics agreement. My investments were complex and included hundreds of items. I self reported every error and worked diligently with the ethics officers in my department to make sure I avoided any conflict of interest.

My ethics agreement allowed me to retain some private capital holdings. In order to maintain public confidence, I have ordered that all my shares be sold and the proceeds placed in United States Treasury securities.

I hope to continue serving the American people.

– Dan Mangan and Lori Ann of CNBC LaRocco contributed reports


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