Taco Bell customers can win the next generation Xbox console for the cost of a drink

Nothing happens simultaneously like fast food and video games.

Both Microsoft and Sony are preparing to launch the next generation of video game systems, with many video game fans trying to figure out which side to choose. It can be difficult to decide, especially before any game is released, but there may be one factor that fans have not considered: choosing based on their favorite fast location.

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According to a Taco Bell press release, customers will have the opportunity to take home the free Xbox Series X console (among other items) starting in September. According to Taco Bell, fans can enter up to three times a day and there will be “approximately one winner every 15 minutes”.

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Fans can enter by purchasing a medium or large drink starting September 24, which will provide them with a digital code. Anyone who joins the Taco Bell Rewards beta program from 13 September will also be given the opportunity to participate in the drawing from 15 September to 21 September.

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Taco Bell customers will have the opportunity to take home the free X-Box Series X console (among other accessories) starting in September. (IStock)

The Xbox Series X follows Microsoft’s Xbox One and is set to release around November of this year.

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Nikki Lawson, Chief Global Brand Officer, Tacky Bell, said, “For four years, Taco Bell and Xbox have continued to mold to create an experience for consumers to crave. Our goal has always been to meet our fans where they are culturally, and the gaming world is no exception. With digital gaming and entertainment as a connector for so many people these days, we are the first to be excited to offer consumers the ultimate gaming console before launching nationwide. “

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