Tachtok star Edison Rai cast in She’s All That ‘remake

Ticketok star Edison Rae Eastering has been cast in an upcoming remake of the 1999 teen comedy “She’s All That”.

The gender-swag reboot, titled “That’s All,” has been working for years and has recently begun to gain traction again. Mark Waters, the filmmaker behind “Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday” is set to direct.

The film will redefine the plot from the point of view of a teenage girl, with Frederick Prinz Jr. from the Easterling original taking the role inspired by Zacary Siler. “That’s Everything” – a modern-day take on George Bernard Shaw’s “Pagmelion” and the 1964 film “My Fair Lady” – centers on a popular high school jock who, after being dumped by his girlfriend, transforms into a schoolboy Tries nerdy outbreak in next prom queen.

The remake puts a 21st-century spin on the original, with the new version following an influential figure who attempts to turn a fearless boy for the prom king.

R. Lee Fleming, who wrote the 1999 film, will produce the remake. Fleming is reuniting with “She’s All That” producers Jennifer Gibb and Andrew Panay, who worked together 20 years ago on the development of the film. The studio, which releases the original film, Miramax, will also produce the upcoming version.

Miramax CEO Bill Block stated, “This reboot is a welcome step for a new generation of Miramax storytelling, part of our larger strategy to benefit our existing library from new, re-imaginative content in film and TV . ”

Easterling has more than 58 million followers on Tickcock, making it second on the social media platform. After her popularity on the app skyrocketed, the 19-year-old moved to Los Angeles and signed with talent agency WME. A recent Forbes report estimated that Easterling is the highest-paid TicketTalker, earning $ 5 million from various endorsement deals over the past year. Casting makes Easterling one of the first Tickcock stars to star in a major studio film.

Robert Iskov directed the original “She’s All That”, which also starred Rachel Leah Cook, Paul Walker, Kiran Culkin, Anna Paquin, Asher and Gabriel Union. Although it was not an important favorite, “She’s All That” grossed over $ 100 million worldwide at the box office.

Waters has been retooled by UTA’s Jeremy Nye. Easterling has been retooled by WME, Nixon Peabody and The Led Company.