T-Mobile Introduces Home Office Internet for Business

T-Mobile today announced some new services for business customers, including wireless Internet for the home office. As part of a trio of services that T-Mobile calls WFX, Home Office Internet is designed to complement customers’ standard home Internet with a separate cellular-based Wi-Fi network. The goal is to provide a secure and reliable connection for business customers without having to worry about sharing bandwidth with the rest of the home.

Home Office Internet is an extension of the LTE-based home wireless broadband consumer service that is now being tested and works in basically the same way. Users are given a router and can self-install the network. It uses 4G and 5G signals and, like consumer service, includes a potentially important caveat: customers are subject to deprioritization slowdowns at times when the network is busy. That’s a nuisance to anyone, but it would be particularly bad for customers trying to conduct business on the web.

Home Office Internet will be available to businesses beginning March 22, and at the launch, T-Mobile says 60 million homes will be covered. The company aims to expand that to 90 million households by 2025. T-Mobile did not share any updates on consumer residential broadband service, which remains in testing in certain markets.

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