T-Mobile and Sprint can announce a merger as soon as next week – BGR

The T-Mobile-Sprint merger saga Will-they-won & # 39; t-they continues with a new episode that brings a happy ending. Apparently, the two operators that failed to reach an agreement before are approaching an agreement that will be announced next week.

It was only last November when Softbank, the parent company of Sprint, abandoned the agreement at the last minute, and there is always the possibility that the merger will fall again.

Apparently, the parent company of T-Mobile Deutsche Telekom and SoftBank, the Japanese group owner of Sprint is considering an agreement that would dictate how they would exercise voting control over the combined company.

Deutsche Telekom owns 63% of T-Mobile, while SoftBank owns 84.7% of Sprint. Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile are also finalizing the debt financing package they will use to finance the deal, Reuters reports.

If successful, the resulting company would have more than 127 million customers and become a formidable adversary for Verizon and AT & T, the two largest operators in the US. UU

As it stands now, T-Mobile remains a distant third in the business, despite the fact that the company has won many subscribers thanks to the "Uncarrier" reorganization of John Legere. Sprint's customer base has also expanded under the discount policies of CEO Marcelo Claure, but the fourth largest operator in the US. UU It did not have the same performance as T-Mobile. Analysts say that Sprint can not invest in its network and compete in the market without T-Mobile.

Their inability to find common ground was not the only thing that killed a T-Mobile-Sprint merger in the past. Regulators can always block the agreement, as it happened in 2014 when the Obama administration expressed antitrust concerns about the agreement.


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