T. Boone Pickens lists his huge Texas ranch for $ 250 million


The 65,000-acre ranch of oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens, which has been badembling piece by piece since 1971, is on the market for a whopping $ 250 million.

Covering more than 100 miles in the Texas Panhandle, the property known as the Mesa Vista Ranch combines luxury homes, lodges and amenities with plains, artificial lakes and what Pickens describes as "the best quail hunt in the world."

A private airport with a runway, asphalt and two-bedroom apartment for pilots greet the guests.

Four houses offer accommodation. The largest, a 33,000 square foot lodge, is located in an area covered with trees and has a tennis court and a golf course outside.

Inside, hardwood floors and white oak stone lead through arched doors into the spaces.

Five rooms extend into the interior , which also houses a library with a spiral staircase and a cellar.

The 12,000-square-foot "Casa del Lago", completed in 2008, features a cave stone exterior.The main entrance, a metal door with Stained glbad inserts, was once the door to Bing Crosby's house.

Vaulted ceilings hang over living spaces, which include a large great room and living room.The balconies on the second floor offer views of the lawn tiered and the lake beyond.A pool and spa sit back.

Other residences include the 6,000-square-foot "Family House" and the 1,700-square-foot "Gate House." For pets, a full kennel with a veterinary laboratory yu No exercise area can house 40 dogs.

The ranch also has a two-story pub, a chapel with a garden, and almost 20 man-made lakes.

Sam Middleton de Chas. S. Middleton and Son and Mount Lyons of Hall and Hall have the listing.

Pickens said in a statement that "selling the ranch is prudent for an 89-year-old man."

The entrepreneur rose to fame after founding Mesa Petroleum in 1956, and developed a reputation as a corporate robber in the 1980s after attempts to buy Gulf Oil, Phillips Petroleum and Unocal. He is currently the president of the hedge fund BP Capital Management.

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