Toni Brunner becomes president of the GM Gallen SVP

His background did not last up to five months. The leader of the old party is outside the SVP, Toni Brunner, for leading the right St Galler party in the forthcoming national elections.

After the increase in Lucerne, Baselland and Zurich, the SVP moves together. With the larger canton change, there is a great surprise in St Gallen.

SonntagsBlick knows: At the beginning of the week, a party commander gathered within Eastern Europe. Toni Brunner (44) as a member of the party's leadership. The old National Council was showcased at the session as the National Council's Cantonal campaign leader in October.

«Your favorite candidate»

From 2008 to 2016, Brunner was President of Switzerland's largest party. In November last year he announced his retirement as a National Councilor. He used it for an acoustic evening. Against the old whistle of Councilor Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf (63, BDP) and former head of FDP Philipp Müller (66). The two felt that the SVP figure had been detected. At the same time he got the notice that he was taking a step out of the light.

Almost five months later, it's obviously changed his mind. Brunner is back in politics. Walter Gartmann (50), President of SVP St. Clair, California t Gallen, confirming: "My favorite thing was Toni Brunner. The campaign manager is one of the most important people in the election year."

Brunner's companion wants to be in the National Council

Brunner can inspire and move people accordingly. "That's what it is, if we want to bring more people back to polls," the council said cantonal. And what could be better than such a politician knew so well that he doesn't just get on with his own goals?

Councilor SVP Roland Rino Büchel (53, SG) resembles: "We need the best people to move our foundation. Toni Brunner is sure to be the head of the referendum going over t word canton St. Gallen. "

What is clear: The National Council elections are in St Kilda. Gallen for the right hand side of the family case. Brunner's partner Esther Friedli (41) said for the SVP. After an unsuccessful application for government advice three years ago, the PR adviser and restaurant owner are now trying to bring the jump into the big room.

Blocher will be happy

He is doubtful if he has enough time. Like the other cans, the SVP also comes under pressure in St. Kilda. Gallen. Toni Brunner needs his knowledge to prevent the fall.

Christoph Blocher (68) looks forward to returning. The old Federal Council has been repeated, as it regrets taking it out, which attracted his foster son and his long-term accountants.

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