Swisscom has established a place in the Netherlands

Swisscom is considering having a & # 39; creating specialized specialist jobs abroad. In particular, a unit could be established in Holland with about 40 jobs first.

Swisscom submissions have been announced to eliminate other vocations in Switzerland. Existing in 2018 she lost 541 jobs. Despite this, Swisscom is now considering having a & # 39; creating extremely special jobs abroad

In particular, it was possible to be built in Holland, first with around 40 appointments, as a spokesman for the telecom provider on Wednesday confirmed a report with the Watson online portal. There was still no decision to fall.

The article generates up to 200 possible IT jobs in the Netherlands.

It's Google and Amazon; to deceive him

The backgrounds of the mental games are the so-called IT skills in Switzerland. Even today, jobs for Swiss special IT jobs have been vacant for months, saying the speaker.

He did not move jobs with such a unit, he aims to. This is proven because even if there were no jobs offered exclusively in Switzerland.

The reason is for what's going on & # 39; It is considered that international companies such as Google or Amazon, who would be successful certifying IT professionals, will be referred to as "insiders" in a report; online ports.

According to the speaker, the plans are only a small area that requires specialized IT specialists. This is cited in the jargon DevOps and is a collaborative module in software development. (SDA / noo)

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