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SVP distances itself from its local council – News Zurich: City of Zurich

SVP councilor Daniel Regli had to reschedule several times as he ducked over homosexuals during the budget debate last Saturday in an inhumane manner. Several parliamentarians tried to interrupt him with interjections, others left the Council Chamber.

The Young Socialists (Juso) go too far. In a press release they demand Regli's resignation. The politician, who described himself as a "Christian", could be lucky that the racism-criminal standard does not cover discriminatory statements against homosexuals, says Lara Can, co-president of the Zurich Juso: "Otherwise he would have to expect an ad." Regli was the visible tip of an otherwise not openly expressed contempt. "He said what many think in his party," the statement says.

Daniel Regli refuses a resignation on request: "That's out of the question." Whether and how he apologized for his statements, that decides the faction. He had not denied the statements with this before. They would probably not have been accepted there either. Regli admits that his vote was "violent". He is concerned with the children, he says, they are "disoriented" by the way in which the department Lust & Frust Homosexuality addresses: "That is sectarian." SVP leader Martin Gotzl has Regli after the debate On Saturday, he said: "For me, the matter is settled." With his criticism of the proactive attitude of the Department of Sexual Education and Counseling Daniel Regli content was right: "He could, however, have formulated more sensitive."

As "beside it »Says SVP Mayor Mauro Tuena Regli's statement. "That's not a word SVP uses; We dissociate ourselves from it. »

The vote surprised few

The SP supports the demand of their Young Party. "You have to be critical of homosexuals, you can also get heated in debates," says Alan David Sangines, SP councilor who campaigns for homosexual issues. "But Mr. Regli has really gone too far." Even party co-president Marco Denoth no longer considers Daniel Regli acceptable. "I do not want to see him anymore."

Regli had explained the increased homosexual suicide rate with their sexual practices. A perfidious insinuation, finds Sangines. "The fact that an above-average number of homosexuals are mentally poor is precisely due to people who discriminate against gays. Just as Mr. Regli does. »

Regli's vote has hardly surprised anyone, says Sangines. His aversion to gays he has already said several times. During the time when Mauro Tuena was fraction leader, Regli rarely talked about such issues. On Saturday, however, the SVP had almost laid on it by Regli the corresponding savings applications presented. "The SVP faction used to be different," Sangines says. This judgment is shared by several requested local councilors from other parties.

The current SVP faction leader Götzl denies an intention. In the budget debate, it was always the municipal councils who presented the savings proposals that had been most thoroughly prepared for the topic. "The school and sports department was Mr. Regli," says Götzl. One did not foresee its vote. Moreover, all municipal councils are elected representatives of the people who do not need to be patronized.

Top 5 Alliance at Risk?

From the Left's point of view, Daniel Regli's comments undermine the collaboration between SVP, FDP and CVP for the Stadtzürcher Wahlen in March 2018. One of the bourgeois "Top 5" candidates, Markus Hungerbühler (CVP), lives with himself Man together. "If such insults fall within an alliance, it seems unbelievable. SVP and FDP would have had to distance themselves much more », says SP co-president Marco Denoth.

Hungerbühler sees it differently. He condemned Reglis statement in the Council: "Totally wrong and embarrassing." Regli's attitude formed within the SVP but an exception, such could exist anywhere. "The SVPers I know are open-minded people." He is behind the Top 5 alliance. For FDP city council candidate Michael Baumer, the "inappropriate statement" has nothing to do with the top 5 election campaign: "The two SVP city council candidates Susanne Brunner and Roger Bartholdi represent a different idea," says Baumer. "That counts."
Incidentally, the cancellation of the Juso will soon be fulfilled by itself. Regli will not compete in March. Regli said he had already decided this last summer. (Tages-Anzeiger)

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